IGN - RiME hands-on time reveals new gameplay mechanics and story elements

- originally conceived as an action-RPG adventure with survival and crafting elements called Echoes of the Siren
- the title is now an exploration adventure in which you are a kid in an uncharted and beautiful location
- discover the hidden secrets there along with the boy
- an isle full of magnificent places, creatures, landscapes, mysteries and puzzles
- no fighting
- game starts with the boy waking up on a beach after a storm, without any memories
- there are wild animals, like boar and a fox
- the fox is your guide and companion throughout the adventure
- the fox appears on the start screen every time you play the game
- the start screen evolves with your progress through the story
- there are separate chapters set on different zones of the island
- first chapter takes about 2 hours
- you have complete freedom to explore a limited section of Rime’s setting
- there are lots of hidden paths and secrets, but only one way to keep moving forward
- some chapters are more open
- early on, you need to get some seagulls to fly and feed some boars to clear your path
- change the time of the day to solve some of its witty puzzles
- the game has a night/day cycle, although it’s mainly just cosmetic, lasting 20 mins each
- no dialog, but the boy has a voice and doesn’t speak in a particular language
- gameplay involves pulling levers, climbing cliffs, activating objects, chasing boards, moving blocks and more
- you'll see an eerie silhouette from time to time, but no details were given on what it is
- there is a shout button to make the boy shout, which sometimes will scare a boar, or activate an object.
- other times that same button will make the boy hum

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Definitely a beautiful game. I hope it's fun to play as well.

This drew my interest way back when it was a ps4 exclusive, but I'm going to have to see someone let's play some of it before I decide on whether to buy it myself.

"new gameplay mechanics"

Given that the original trailer was basically just a CGI movie designed to look like gameplay, this wording is kind of redundant.

Now I wonder if it'll be redundant or game changing if the same tagline was in a walking simulator game.

"Prepare for the true game. Moving was just the beginning."


A lot of people are saying this is giving off a very Team ICO vibe, and I can see why. Hell the design on the main character looks vaguely similar to the boy from The Last Guardian.


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