Switch live-stream presentation to be an hour long

Niconico has come forward and spilled the beans on the running time of Nintendo's Switch presentation. According to the site's time table, the Switch presentation is set to last an hour. That's going to be a LOT of content on the Switch. Let's hope we can process it all! Thanks to MegajacobF for the heads up!

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I was actually expecting an hour and a half. They do have treehouse stuff the next day, should be a lot of stuff!

It's not a live presentation with sales and other things. It should be about the NS and games for ot. One hour of that plus the Tree House event isn't tgat bad.

But that one hour of pure NS facts and games will be way better than all these pathetic rumours I hope.

Just comparing to something like Sony's presentation!

Nintendo's usually pretty efficient with their time though.

That was my point ;)

Not even a week left.... oh man this is exciting. Even with all the silly rumours around.

Hopefully it gets a lot of things out of the way we have questions about. Crazy it is almost two years since they announced this. And we are still in the dark about a lot of it.

for a direct? an hour is good. For a HOME CONSOLE presentation? not sure, it's pretty okay-ish.

That hour is going to go fast. Hope there's at least a minute of Metroid.

Sat Jan 07 17 01:59pm
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Keep in mind that's the switch presentation. the game presentation is the next day.

I'm sure they'll be showing games on the 12th, too---of course more detailed gameplay will be shown during the Treehouse event.

NicoNico times have been off in the past. I think it's because they're all estimates, so take it as a grain of salt.

Spellcheck RMC teh and prsentation

People want more than an hour for this? If it takes longer than an hour to explain the Switch, they are doing something wrong.

I was thinking the same thing. Too short and people will think there is not much to talk about, too long and you risk confusing/boring a lot of people with info.

Sat Jan 07 17 09:59pm
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I don't think people want more than an hour to "explain the Switch." They want as many game announcements and trailers as possible.

Sat Jan 07 17 10:34pm
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One hour plus a detailed look at the games the next day sounds just right to me.

Sounds plentiful.

To tge point, no business talk (they can have that on investor's meetings), no crap bands performing "live", no fking football players praising EA... No "look awesome grffix"

It will be gaming only. One hour of tge basics and announcments and tgen go batshit detail after that. Will be nice.

That's more than enough time to tell me the price and what launch games I can buy alongside BotW. Rumors or not gotta keep some optimism for that game.


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