Is this hope for Sonic Mania on Switch?

Reader JoshSuperlink pointed out something really interested with the above listings that I didn't notice. We shared this image earlier today, which is rumored to come from GameStop Germany. In the listing, you can see two separate Sonic titles listed. We know that Project Sonic 2017 is on the way to Switch, so why two listings? Could the other one be for Sonic Mania? I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for that one!

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Hope so. I was pretty surprised when Project Sonic 2017 (aka "Generations 2" among fans) was confirmed for the Switch even before the system's official name was confirmed, but yet Sonic Mania wasn't.

I doubt it. With Sega messing up and all, there's little hope for Switch but maybe for 3ds

Sega messing up? what?

Isn't Sonic Mania being made by a 3rd party and not SEGA?

I noticed you didn't put a rumor tag on this or the previous article, you must be pretty confident in it then as, from what I've read, you're normally pretty cautious with these things. It sure looks legit but a pegi 18 MH has me unsure.

One is listed for launch date, one is for November. Interesting.

Mon Jan 09 17 01:44pm
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The dates for some games on the list are place holder. There is no way DQ XI is coming at launch for example.

I call fake, the picture mentions dragon quest 10 as well as dragon quest xi both for release on launch. Not to mention a Mario.

No way that Sonic Mania isn't coming to the Switch. The series has many successful 2D ventures on Nintendo platforms already and it's coming out in Q1, so...

I'm more interested in that Monster Hunter. It must be "Stories" and not "Generations Ultimate".


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