Tons of HORI Switch accessories leaked

UPDATE - Now that real pics have come in, this is looking at LOT more believable! Thanks to mandobardanjusik for the heads up!

Certainly a nice looking set of accessories and peripherals. HORI is usually trustworthy for good quality stuff. There's some items here I'm already considering!

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darn was just about to point this out to you guys.
The fightpad if legitimate is a major indicator of multiple major fighting games coming to switch this year. UMVC3, Tekken 7, and Injustice 2 are all candidates for the launch window, and MVC:I would be a fall release.

Relatively easy process of porting, with slightly inferior graphics but full gameplay, low invest cost, and fightpad compatibility would make the switch the ultimate training option for Fighting games on the go, even if another system was chosen for the finals themselves. This would benefit the developers, Nintendo and the players, while having the potential of increasing the playerbase

Tue Jan 10 17 05:43pm
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I've been suspecting of a relaunch of Street Fighter V (with all the content it should have had at launch), and it would be really nice to see it hit a Nintendo platform. I hope you're right.

Yep. That's the one I'm hoping for.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Street Fighter 5, and any version of it is exclusive to Sony as Capcom has stated. And they aren't going to make SF6 anytime soon. Quantity wise, Pokken will likely be there in place of SF.

Shoot, you're right. I had forgotten about that.

I like how every bit of Switch promo has had Zelda featured [and now this], but people still don't think it will be a launch game... :p

Ooooohhh... What's that fightstick for??? Guilty Gear I'm guessing....?

Tekken 7 more then likely. After all Namco and Nintendo are in bed together. As a tekken player and a big fan of Hori Real arcade Pro sticks I'm super happy right now.

I don't quite understand the sleeve. If I wrap my entire Switch with Joycons in the sleeve, then doesn't that defeat the purpose of the Switch... y'know to switch?

You can also play with the Pro Controller while at home and the Joycons still attached to the sides of the console. (see the Nintendo Switch Promotion on Jimmy Fallon)

I imagine a lot of people will want to use the system strictly as a handheld, and then switching to a Pro controller at home.

Tue Jan 10 17 05:46pm
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Of these accessories, I like the multi-charging station. It strikes the idea that there may be a chance that the joy-cons could double as backup battery for the NS when in on-the-go mode, similar to how Nokia has been known to do for some of their official accessories (camera grip for Lumia 1020, power keyboard for Lumia 2520).
I have plenty of my own stands to use though, and I assume I could still use the Wii U stands, perhaps even the 3DS one that came packed with Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Oh baby, this is a gold mine. I'm starting to get really excited about the controller grip. Just like all those neat Joycon variant ideas, you can do a lot with the Grip, since it's only plastic and a battery... specifically like that Zelda grip in the pictures. It's crazy that they have me all excited about accessories again. It's like a Wii flashback.

The game case looks as though it may hold standard SD cards...not micro?

Sd are cheaper..and we can always use an adapter..

its needs lan adapter? i guess we can expect a bunch of lag when playing online from people playing on poor wifi then

Imagine most people would play using Wi-Fi regardless of ethernet port.

Tue Jan 10 17 07:43pm
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Yeah, pretty much this. Also add to the fact if the Switch is 5GHz wifi compatible, it should be fine for folks who have a good ISP and service plan.

I do wonder how much of a price difference having an ethernet port would make? But at least the options's avaliable (even if one has to buy an accessory for it).

Ya that bugs me. Especially when I doubt it cost much in today's age, and you only need it on the dock, and I'm sure there's plenty of room for it.

With the Zelda case on it looks like a super GBA.

None of these accessories are any surprise, as there's always stuff like them around a system's launch. Especially when it comes to Nintendo launches.

Still, this continues to make the whole "It's happening!" feeling all the more real.

Isn't the stand a little redundant, I mean the switch kind has that kick stand built in.

That stand can have multiple possible angles AND seems to have an hole for the power cord

"This content may not be distributed"

*Distributes anyway*

I mean it's one thing to have inside info from sources related to gaming companies, but to outright disobey an NDA on twitter? That's pretty much a dick move IMHO, though I will say I'm happy a car charger will be out before summer.

Man, it's going to be fun carrying around all my games in one little case. That's the thing I miss the most since I traded in my 3DS.

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