Walmart getting Switch advertisements as well

Cutting it pretty close there, Walmart. I mean, the press conference is a day away! On top of that, couldn't we get some better placement on that sucker?!

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Wed Jan 11 17 03:41pm
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Does it bug anyone else that the only ads going up are just a combination of the 2 pieces of promotional material we've already seen?

Wed Jan 11 17 03:46pm
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Oh snap, the new Snoopy game is out...

That placement is usually reserved for the 2DS/3DS/Wii U but since Nintendo is slow to restock the systems, they're using that empty space for Switch ads. lol

Wed Jan 11 17 07:35pm
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In many Walmarts that space isn't for consoles, it's for game bundles and overflow.

The consoles are in a seperate case under a display or demo unit and next to the amiibo, accessories, and eShop cards.

My 2 local Wal-Marts stored the systems beneath the games. They do the same for the the Xbox/Sony sections as well. Their Nintendo section is pitiful though.

Wed Jan 11 17 08:31pm
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Oh crazy. Must be a regional thing or based on store size then because the half-dozen or so Walmarts I used to frequent for amiibo all have the layout I mentioned. Same with the one I go to when I'm out of town visiting relatives.

All of the consoles from each manufacturer in the stores I mentioned are below their respective demo units/displays and next to the accessories for that system.

EDIT: Here is a good example of what the hardware cases at Walmarts in my area look like:

Wow, that's a better setup than our Wal-Marts. The eshop cards and amiibo are not even close together like that. But you maybe right, probably a regional thing.

The two Wal-marts that I frequent are set up like this:

Wed Jan 11 17 09:13pm
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Hopefully they come up with something better for Switch! With Disney Infinity (and from the sounds of it, soon Skylanders) being discontinued, I'm thinking the video games section is due for a revamped floor plan.

Also, the software cases for Wii U and 3DS at my Walmarts are also pretty pitiful. The hardware/amiibo/accessories area is definitely the better part.

This is a visual reminder of how hard it is to find 3ds's and wiiu's nowadays (and soon, switch). Nintendo is becoming horrible at distribution.

Wed Jan 11 17 04:28pm
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Not really. My Walmart keeps the consoles in a separate section, next to the amiibo and across from the games. This Walmart may do the same thing.

Wed Jan 11 17 07:33pm
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Like Blade_Master said, the Wii U, New 3DS XL, and 2DS systems aren't in the game case anymore at any of the Walmarts in my area. They are over in a seperate case next to the amiibo and Wii U/3DS accessories.

EDIT: Kind of like this

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