RUMOR - Mario X Rabbids RPG pushed back, given more dev time

For all the talk about this rumored game, it would be a real shame to not see something for it during the presentation. Even if it is pushed back in terms of released, I'd imagine there's some sort of teaser trailer ready to be shared.


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Wasn't the last rumor that they've been done for a while and Nintendo made them delay it? Keep your "rumors" straight, guys.

Wed Jan 11 17 04:36pm
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That picture reminds me of that I Hate Everything fella on Youtube. Weird.

Wed Jan 11 17 04:52pm
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Is the 90s all over again just instead of EXTREME, it is REACTION, PHOTOBOMB AND YAAARGH.

Also the same strategy from several of the most downloaded IOS games.

If Zelda is making launch, I could see Nintendo distributing their published titles more evenly throughout the year and not feeling as much pressure to stuff the launch with releases. I assume we'll get some kind of game featuring Mario at launch (Super Mario Switch, Mario Kart, etc.), and I think one is enough.

It would be amusing if the situation actually was... Thos game was just a rumor that went wild and now that people are actually getting a look at tomorrow's content... They DON'T see this game and they make up this excuse that it's been pushed back to save face.

Wed Jan 11 17 04:53pm
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Why would that be amusing?

I believe he thinks it would be amusing because sad boys hate Emily Rodgers and LKD for no reason.

Wasn't the last rumor that they've been done for a while and Nintendo made them delay it? Keep your "rumors" straight, guys.

Exactly. I believe it came from him. "Content complete, localized and ready to ship" lol

That's what I was thinking too. At this point, I feel like all of these leakers have put forth enough rumors going both ways that no matter what happens they can claim they were right.

Thu Jan 12 17 08:15am
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Except that for people like me one tiny error of those "predictions" would be already enough to be classified as fake news instead of source of truth.

They can claim "I called it" on whatever detail or any eventual schedule change all the times they want as some correct scrutiny from their part... still don't trust 'em.

Wed Jan 11 17 05:15pm
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One day before the Direct is simply too late for this kind of rumor. Just let us wait the one day and get real information.

man i didn't even though about how that trend is the new extreme. anyway following news even so close

What on earth does this mean?

One rumor at a time. How about first we confirm whether or not the game actually exists?

I'm predicting Rabbids Kingdom Battle will not actually cross over with Mario.

Rumors rumors and more rumors.

Hmm. I can't see Ubisoft relying on Just Dance to get a foothold on the Switch userbase, so I'm sure we will actually see Mario x Rabbids at the presentation, and that if it's not a launch game, it'll be out soon after.

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