Three unexplained CPSIA Certificates for amiibo surface

Three mystery CPSIA certificates for amiibo have surfaced. There's only speculation on what they match up with right now, but it's certainly not a coincidence to see them listed this week. The discussion right now is that one of the listings points to a two-pack. Let's hope we find out what these are for come tomorrow.

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Do the unreleased amiibo for Bayo, Cloud, and Lucas have certificates?

Don't you mean Corrin instead of Lucas?

Answering your question: No, they don't. In fact, if these are related to those three, this is the first time (second for Bayonetta, as we have that teaser from PlatinumGames) we hear of something about them since they were announced in Nov. 2015.

Bayo, Cloud and Corrin do not yet, but one of the certificates is for a 2-pack.

So this means 4 amiibo are being announced/shown soon.

So this could mean the 3, with 2 being packed together somehow (seems unlikely due to the licenses) and another one.

Or one of the 3 is getting 2 figures (both Bayonettas? Male & Female Corrin? Classic & Advent Cloud?)

Alternatively, Cloud & Bayo are individual and Corrin is packed with an unknown newcomer for no reason.

Watch they aren't for those 3 at all.

The second two listings are a part of the Zelda line (due to their "item numbers" being AK.)

The first one (2-Pack) is AQ, which isn't assigned to any current amiibo line.

AA is used for the Smash line.

I didn't even look at the listings themselves.

So then Zelda & Bokoblin are the Zelda ones.

The 2-pack is a new set we are unaware of?

Yup! The new Zelda amiibo were the two singles. The two-pack seems to be part of a new or not yet released in NA line.

Wait... What if...

Fire Emblem..?

I ask solely because the Fire Emblem Direct... Oh fu...

More Breath of the Wild amiibo?

Not more but the 3 amiibo we already seen last years Nintendo E3 with that Zelda blowout with BotW. So if they are saying two are packed together ,then the two Links; rider and archer are the pack-ins. Interesting. If it wasn't for this post, I'd say it's the last 3 DLC amiiboo too but what would of not made since why two of the three would be pack-ins, tho? Like the Splatoon, Duck, Hunt, R.O.B. Mr. Game & Watch, and the 30th anniversary WW set make sense but not those 3 Smash amiibo. This is definitely the Guardian, and the archer and rider Link(s) as the 2 set pack-ins. I couldn't be more excited about this.

Thu Jan 12 17 03:43am
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Those 3 product numbers refer to 4 amiibo (105131 is the 2 pack, 104670 and 104661 are each single.)

That, and there are already CPSIAs for the three amiibo you mentioned (product number 104667 is Rider Link, 104664 is Archer Link, and 104417 is Guardian.)

Oh my bad I didn't know that Breath of the Wild amiibo has CPSIA already. I don't doubt you, you sound like you know what you're saying. That I know when someone actually watch these CPSIA for amiibo I know someone like you who keeps track of this. But this is still interesting, what could the above CPSIA be for if it's for 4 amiibo, that as of right now we can't pinpoint what they are from Smash DLC amiibo or that Breath of the Wild seem to be releasing in March that I thought the above CPSIA was for those amiibo.

What else could these CSPIA be for?

Thu Jan 12 17 05:25pm
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I was hardcore into the amiibo hunt during the first waves and spent a lot of time on the amiibo subreddit, that's the only reason I know about the item number codes responding to which product line they are in.

It'll be interesting to see what these new amiibo are! I believe the second two listings will be a part of the Zelda line, and most likely Breath of the Wild related (the Zelda amiibo use "AK" in their 'item number,' just like the second two mystery listings.)

As for the 2-pack, your guess is as good as mine! The 'item number' for that Pack uses "AQ," which hasn't been used for any past amiibo line, so my money would be on something new entirely or not yet announced for North America (like the Monster Hunter amiibo.)

Maybe we'll find out during the Switch event!

Yeah, I was hardcore amiibo hunter to put I only really paid attention to those CSPIA for restock of amiibo I want not really memorizing the alphanumeric code for specific IP amiibo but now that I know that, they have meaning, that is something I'll pay attention to now. My last amiibo was last year with the launch of Star Fox Zero with the Fox Smash amiibo. I've got all the Smash DLC, the holy trinity, Ness, Splatoon Gold and Silver Mario and gold Mega Man too. I think I have over 60 amiibo majority are Smash (only bought characters I actually fight and use, with the exception of R.O.B and Ness. I like to use Lucas more)

Great guess about the Monster Hunter amiibo, i was thinking about that as a possibility of the unknown 2-pack but since there isn't confirmation of the game releasing overseas yet, I haven't considered those 2 as amiibo much less the game coming to the west. But it's the only amiibo so far that I can think of as officially shared worldwide as of yet.

It's likely Bayonetta, Cloud and male/female Corrin. Next question please!

Thu Jan 12 17 02:04am
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But none of the other characters with gender swaps have gotten a gender swap Amiibo... so why start with Corrin?

It's a stretch, but I could see Nintendo willing to do gender variants to buff up the supposedly final wave of the Smash line. A female Corrin, Robin, and male WFT would bring the Wave count up to 6. This is all based off the fact that amiibo variants do exist, including "Famicom R.O.B."

And that's not even counting the possibility of new characters being introduced for the [practically guaranteed] Switch version of Smash 4.

Thu Jan 12 17 04:25am
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These likely aren't Smash amiibo. That whole line uses AA for its item number.

Some other examples: AB is the Super Mario line, YA is the Yarn Yoshi line, AK is the Zelda line, AE is Splatoon, AL is Kirby, etc...

If those letters are followed by a number it signifies it being a multipack (AA3 for the Mii Fighter/Gunner/Brawler and ROB/Mr. G&W/Duck Hunt packs, AK2 for the Toon Link and Zelda pack, AE3 for the Splatoon 3-pack, AE2 for Callie and Marie, etc....)

Of these listings, the first is AQ2 (a two pack in an unused amiibo line item number) and the last 2 are AK (part of the Zelda line.)

Ah, I didnt realize about the item numbers.

I feel my comment still stands, but you're right that these three new certificates likely arent related to Smash amiibo.

Thu Jan 12 17 04:10am
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The original poster you commented to won't see my comment because he blocked me, but along with what you posted, the "item numbers" that go with each of those product numbers don't match the Smash line. The second two do match the Zelda line, however.

Archer Link, Rider Link, and Guardian are all AK like 104670 and 104661. While the Smash line is AA.

105010 (the 2 pack) is AQ which hasn't been used yet for an amiibo line.

Next question please! (Lol)

But then agaon: why not?

Thu Jan 12 17 04:13am
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Spring Isabelle, silver Lottie and Tortimer confirmed

Oh, wait the last two CSPIA up there is for Zelda cause of the item number AK representing the Zelda line. I see, my bad. I thought was didn't know what all 3 were, okay. So does that mean there's more generic Zelda amiibo or specific Breath of the Wild amiibo for those last two CSPIA, strange this just get more curious by the minute? I really want to know what these amiibo are.

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