RUMOR - More info on Mario Kart 8 Switch port, another rumored port may not be a port at all

If Mario Kart 8 Switch has 16 new tracks, you can count me in! Also, it seems betting odds are on Splatoon being the game that's not really getting a Switch port, but instead, will be a sequel.


Thu Jan 12 17 07:23am
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If they're already including 16 new tracks they might as well delay it and make it Mario Kart 9. I mean why not? Unless they plan on releasing a Mario Kart 9 for Switch regardless of whether they release this MK8 port.

They definitely plan on making Mario Kart 9 regardless of this expansion.

I think they realize how important games like Mario Kart and Smash are, and what it means to have games like those within the first year.

I still think 16 new tracks sounds ridiculous, that's half a Mario Kart. That would mean this Mario Kart will have 64 tracks, kind of makes an unrealistic expectation for Mario Kart 9.

Thu Jan 12 17 07:42am
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But, if they're adding 16 tracks to it, then it's not a port... right?

Or are we changing the definition of "port" now?

EDIT: Yes, I know I'm commenting on an Emily story... I'm confused why one would call this a port if they are significantly adding on to the original game.

Thu Jan 12 17 07:50am
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16 new tracks basically makes it a new MK game instead of a port. Every Mario Kart game except the snes and gba started with 16 tracks.

Thu Jan 12 17 07:50am
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Pretty sure Nintendo can get away with calling it 9 if they are adding 16 new tracks, new double item mechanic, new characters and a new/fixed battle mode.

Thu Jan 12 17 07:55am
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Or they could just call it Mario Kart Switch.

If Mario Kart 8 is getting 16 new tracks, then...well, I wouldn't call it a sequel. The base game is still in there. But it is too much to call a port, so...I'm going to just call it an expansion. Also, yes, my money is on Splatoon being a straight-up sequel.

Splatoon is clearly the sequel, it was obvious for anyone that had played more than a few hours that everything on that Switch reveal footage was different

I'm still confident that Mario Kart is the pack-in. Especially if they're still calling it Mario Kart 8, or some variant of that title.

Splatoon is likely a sequel at this point...but I hope the team had the time to put forth some new ideas to make it look and feel more like the sequel. By this I mean put in a new hub world, expand the single player campaign, all new gear and clothes (which is probably how the redux stuff started so I'm not worried about this.)

If it's neither of these things like Liam suggested (I know he backtracked on Splatoon being just a re-release but there's apparently still another one)? My money is on Star Fox Zero. I can see that getting reworked into a more traditional Star Fox game.

Hmmm...Mario Kart 8.5?

Eh, that works.

So MK8 would be a remake more than a port, and a serious one at that.

The other non-port game could be Splatoon I guess, that's a very distinct possibility, although I would personally love it to be XenoX, same world, same engine, just with the rest of the story.

The only reason I can think of that they would call this a port of 8 instead of "Mario Kart 9" is the fact that they're still holding to the hover track concept instead of rolling in a big new change to the way the game is played. It seems like Nintendo wants there to be a new concept for each iteration of Mario Kart to be built around.

And I'm cool with them sticking to the hover track idea. I love it and I want more. But the more this feels like a "new" game, the better. My friends and family have played Mario Kart 8 nearly to death and are hungry for more tracks.

Oh come on... Rumours still coming out on the day of the Switch event, lol.

With 16 new courses they might as well call it MK9. I wonder if there will be other major changes/additions and I also wonder if they plan on releasing another MK on the Switch as well as this one. That would be a bit odd to me as we are used to 1 per console.

Yeah, isn't it just Mario Kart 9, then? Even if it has all of MK8's content, sixteen new tracks is still the standard for a new Mario Kart. I mean, Super Circuit had everything from SMK in it, but it... Well, that's a bit odd, because SC was called Mario Kart Advance in Japan and the Western name makes it more ambiguous, but it wasn't considered just a port of SMK.


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