GAME lists Splatoon 2 with Aug. 18th, 2017 release date

Most likely a placeholder, but I guess we'll find out eventually. I'd expect an official release date to be pegged at E3 2017.

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Tue Jan 17 17 06:39pm
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early june would be perfect imo.

Early June is not Summer tho.

early june is summer

Actually Summer begins at 12:24AM Eastern US Time on Wednesday June 21st this year. It will be 6:07AM on the same date the following year.

I consider when people get out of school for summer break is when summer starts.

Ehh. That varies. I know some people who get out at the end of June. I prefer the science behind the rotation of the Earth. It never fails!

i get out in april. i dont care about when summer starts according to meteorologists to me it starts when june starts and i think that it would be perfect for spla2n because splatoon came out on may 28 so it makes sense to be in the same general time frame.

I completely understand where you're coming from, and that would be ideal. But the thing is, the way Summer is defined by meteorologists is a perfect reference frame. Especially when it comes to release dates, it's important to know what Nintendo means when they say Summer. Of course they're referring to the more objective interpretation of the word rather than something subjective

For most people that went through the American school system, Summer is early June - Last week of August.

It always messed me up as a kid that Summer didn't actually start until the 21st officially.

I was thinking the same thing. Mid-July at the latest.

It's a game practically made for Summer, and what better time than when kids are out of school [and when the online service is still free]?

well early or late june would be better, for me at least

August is good. The game looks very unfinished, so I want it to release as late as possible so they can put more time into it :P

Well, they could always do like last time and just keep adding updates.

😫 this is the one game that my son and I are highly looking forward to...we were hoping To play during his summer break. *sigh*

How old is your son? I've found that FIFA is actually a very enjoyable game to play local multiplayer with, as is 2K if you are a basketball fan.

My son is 6 and he in incredibly good at Splatoon. I am quite shocked at how good he is. I highly appreciate the suggestions! We will definitely check those out.

Very cool! The games are a little technical if you want to play at a high level, but if you are both beginners (like me and my brother were when we first played), it'll be great fun. At six, I'm sure he could catch on quick.

I appreciate your kind words! Yeah he picks games up at an incredible speed. He beat Ocarina of Time when he was 5 with no assistance. He certainly has a passion for it. He has joked(?) that he wants to do a father/son YouTube channel where we play through various games each episode, haha. Since I'm a programmer I can completely see us starting our own independent studio one of these days. We definitely check out the game and you suggested. Thanks!

Tue Jan 17 17 08:34pm
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I just want to chime in to say that this warms my heart. That's all. I have no point with my comment other than to say that

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