Titanfall dev laughs at the idea of fitting the game on Switch

Check out the entire video to get the whole picture, but the specific point mentioned in the title comes up at 12:53. I always find this kind of thing disheartening, but it's not like it's the first time. Then to throw in the bit about Zelda on Switch being the same one from Wii U in a negative way...I just don't get it.

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So if Nintendo hasn'tmade a AAA game in 7 years what does that make Titanfall when according to the NPD Super Mario Maker, Super Mario 3D Land, Splatoon, Smash 4, New Super Mario U, Mario Kart 8 and countless 3DS games outsold it?

Thu Jan 19 17 07:02pm
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Well when you can't optimize a game and needs a 50GB patch. It's hard to argue with that. What boggles my mind is in a game solely focused on multiplayer and a short campaign how raw is the game. Reminds me on how Fear Effect had a disc per level on the PS1.

I agree, could've benefitted from more optimization there. Fun game overrall though, robots are cool.

I'm sure that it could have fit originallly before the delays, but fortunately Wii U was deprioritized aside from keeping the promise that it would run on it.

Thu Jan 19 17 10:56pm
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An interview on dromble.com a while ago with someone from Vigil (Darksiders, which in no way pushes my PS3) convinced me that AAA developers want as much power as possible simply to save them the effort. (I'm sure publishers are happy to save the money too.) Switch could handle Titanfall, and if he'd said it wouldn't sell enough to be worth it I'd believe him. But when he laughs at the idea he's just admitting he lacks the skills to make it work.

I get it, indie games may also work like that since the power and space gives a larger margin of error for the console to render a lot of small scale things. AAA development I have more divisive feelings:

- Genres have become narrower to appeal to the most amount of people, same thing with visuals since it mainly seems realistic ones justify a full retail 60 dollars (sometimes even more).
- Open world fatigue is a real thing, since instead of condensed game design much games are built in using a single big map for several repetitive activities.
- In regards to more serious or mature storytelling, games have the struggle that most stories are centered around combat by itself it isn't bad, but when it's the sole thing to push drama it gets tiring and bit pretentious.
+ I can't comment much on online multiplayer but I think that's were the most recent trends have flourished. Splatoon, Overwatch, even those yearly shooters are trying new things by focusing on multiplayer.

All in all my conclusion is that sometimes less is more. Both for respect for oneself time, condensing the best aspects of a game and the style being dictated by the game direction rather than what sells bigger. I'll take my victories where I can take them. I'm hopeful the Switch like the Wii and Wii U will have its set of exclusive ideas and concepts. Maybe if all the 3DS developers move in, it'll fair better than the Gamecube. We'll see.

Thu Jan 19 17 11:30pm
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Octopath Traveler looks like exactly the kind of 3DS type project making the transition you're talking about. I agree that more should follow.

Thu Jan 19 17 07:02pm
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Isn't the studio in danger of being closed down by EA due to the DoA performance of Titanfall 2?

Yeah. Also is ironic commenting that when you have a publisher that does a worst than Nintendo making their franchises grow. *shrugs*

You laugh? the game is flopped!

Thu Jan 19 17 07:07pm
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Meh, why highlight it here anyways? I'd just ignore them.

Actually thanks to that price cut in November, Titanfall 2 seemed to do much better in its second month. Honestly it wasn't due to Respawn making a bad game either. It's EA's stupid release date, alongside Battlefield 1 (their OWN GAME) and Call of Duty.

This is disapointing. Titanfall 2 looks fun and I wanted it get it for PS4 (I didn't because I got Overwatch around the holidays instead.) I would've been really happy to play this on the Switch.

Then again these guys used to be Inifinity Ward, who didn't care to put their games on the Wii and left the work to Treyarch.

Maybe they should get Treyarch to do the Switch version hehe.

Thu Jan 19 17 07:11pm
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these guys are so ignorant.

Sucks to see this, because I enjoyed the original Titanfall and I was planning on getting Titanfall 2 since apparently it's even better and actually has a legit single-player mode. But at the same time, I really hate their comments regarding the Switch.

Haha- I bought it on the Black Friday sale, cool game but not mind blowing. Splatoon is all the shooter I need- online anywhere! Although I'd be pumped for a form of Battlefield or some rather fps

Thu Jan 19 17 07:31pm
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"Nintendo didn't make a AAA game in 7 years". Lol what a douche and ignorant is this guy.

Seriously? Looks like somebody haven't been paying attention for the past seven years.

They're apparently okay with everyone else doing it, though.

Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean it's okay. That just makes you just as bad.

More like cherry picking from guys that is from said crowd.

Thu Jan 19 17 07:35pm
(Updated 2 times)

Becareful what you say online. It might end up biting you on the butt.

Anyways, I'm more interested in plants vs zombies Garden warfare.

Titanfall 2 was one of the games I was excited about and was planning on picking it up soon but I really don't feel like it now. Can't help it I'm just turned off big time.

well clearly it is the dominant mindset in this industry, great for them, just maybe one day some other guy could laugh at those games as the gun fetishists things that they are devoid of any action let alone gameplay and just autolock "skillz" masquerading as a zoom button.
got to love those "tough" devs
years go by , same elitists behavior ,

He's a senior designer, not a software engineer. So I wouldn't take this too seriously.

Also he is just a senior developer, who knows if this guy actually knows something about the Switch capabilities. But is pathetic how EA can let their employees made those statements.

Thu Jan 19 17 08:11pm
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Well their slogan was "Challenge Everything".

Including their customers.

Unfortunate. I was hoping for that to hit it, seeing that people called it a very Nintendo-esque shooter with a great campaign. Was gonna get it on PS4, but it launched in a bad week (between BF1 and CoD, really?), and didn't seem like much going for it at the time. Though afterwards heard it had a great campaign.

So if Nintendo hasn'tmade a AAA game in 7 years what does that make Titanfall when according to the NPD Super Mario Maker, Super Mario 3D Land, Splatoon, Smash 4, New Super Mario U, Mario Kart 8 and countless 3DS games outsold it?

Thu Jan 19 17 09:15pm
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It seem this guy was just talking crap about Nintendo when he have no idea what he was talking about, and was in no position to do so, since his game didn't sell well. Well, that's arrogance for you.

Thu Jan 19 17 08:58pm
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Obviously it's still cool to trash nintendo..

They make it extremely easy

By not following and settings trends?

Fri Jan 20 17 05:37am
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Remember when they said online was a fad? And then eventually forced limited online connectivity with friend codes? Those sure were great trends. Boy am I glad they didn't follow others on that one.

How about their consistently slow/non-user friendly shops? That's a great trend.

Or tying digital purchases to hardware so if you lose your 3DS, you have to file a police report before they will relocate your account info.

Or when they didn't include a harddrive? Boy do i hate when I buy a console and find out it has space for saves and other data

Or putting out games like Mario Maker on 3DS with all the useful sharing functionality messily stripped out of it, demonstrating their continued lack of understanding of the internet or the appeal of their own games.

And they're continuing this time-tested approach with Switch by:
-Charging $80 for your controller
-trying to incentivize online subscriptions with a single 20+ year old ROM per month which you don't even get to keep
-Overcharging on underpowered hardware without even packing in the software supposedly meant to demonstrate "all the fun uses" of the Joy-Con.
-requiring a smart device to be how you manage your online account and even use base functions like voice chat....

Developers were sending back their WiiU devkits before the thing even came out. What reason is there to believe others won't do the same with the Switch? I haven't seen optimism drop so far for a system as I have between its unveil in November to last week's presentation.

Is it too early to think that devs would send their Switch dev kits back? And how do you know that the Switch would in up like the Wii-u? We gonna have to wait and see if that's true. It seems you're more focusing on the bad, but what about the good? It seems you're ignoring the positive side of the Switch reveal. What about them?

Of course, I do agree what you mention. I do question why they left out the online feature on the 3ds port of Mario maker. But however, despite all of that, they did still manage to find success, especially on the Wii, DS, and 3DS.

Fri Jan 20 17 09:15am
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We can all make a long list of things other companies have done that were dumb..

Indeed, if he's gonna call out the things that Nintendo done, he better do the same to others. I remember that DRM fiasco with the Xbone. years ago. I also remember Sony's screw up with the PS3 too. Where's the mention of those two screw ups, huh?

no company can ever satisfy everyone at the same time..impossible.. when they making you happy and doing things you like..they're probably disappointing me..

Titanfall is a fantastic series, and Titanfall 2 is a wonderful game, yet these comments are so cringeworthy. I don't even want to watch the video.

Sometimes I wish if people had nothing good to say they would just say "We have nothing to announce at this time".

Yea, it's not worth it for large companies like EA to fully support Switch until it can prove it won't flop in the market.

Well, he's not wrong.

This is not the same as the Wii U situation. Titanfall 2 can VERY easily be optimized for Switch.

Even if that were possible, like with CoD4 on the Wii, who in their right mind would want to play that version?

Never underestimate people who would play certain versions of games, even if they're not as advance or have all the features of as the original. CoD4 for the Wii you mentioned proved that.

Thu Jan 19 17 10:29pm
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Really weird show, really weird guys (they are not even hating, that would be to harsh said). I'm not into Titanfall, so I don't know the guys sitting there, but as an AAA Developer, I think you should not attend at such shows at least your name isn't Itagaki, Suda, Kamiya, Bleszinski or Boon.

Game sizes have gotten out of hand period. That and mandatory installs and day one patches. I'm pretty excited about playing games on these cards. I wonder if they can use larger capacity cards for bigger games if need be.

My one gripe is that they aren't rewritable. I know they need to combat piracy, but if the cards were rewritable and large enough, couldn't devs update directly to the card instead of the flash drive?

Yes. but rewritable cards are slower.

Thu Jan 19 17 10:39pm
(Updated 1 time)

This is such a common mentality when it comes to devs and Nintendo.. this would never happen to Sony and Microsoft. It's not the idea that, maybe, technically it is not feasible but the disrespectful nature that it's stated. It's always scoffed or laughed. I lose so much respect for a dev in these instances.

Wait so you watched the video and the thing you lost respect for was the Switch?

I am like 80% certain he said "dev" in his mind and accidentally typed out "device" instead of "developer"

Ahh yeah you are right. Autocorrect; makes a lot more sense now.

THANK YOU! That is exactly right! Stupid galaxy phone...

Heheh, no worries. I got your back, Jack!


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