Team17 reconfirms Yooka-Laylee for Switch

Everyone is still a little nervous about Yooka-Laylee's fate when it comes to Nintendo fans. The title was cancelled for Wii U, but will it come to Switch? Playtonic certainly seemed to hint at that not to long ago. Now we're happy to say that the jump to Switch is indeed happening. Team17 has confirmed the title's move over to Switch to outlet Cubed3, so hopefully we'll have a whole bunch of official details soon.

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Fri Jan 20 17 04:59pm
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I take it you think what they said about them running into technical problems with the Wii U port is a lie? And that stuff they said about a lot of people on the team wanting a Wii U version?

They just spouted the same PR BS that they did last month. Not a 100% confirmation of a switch port until I see boxart.

They've been telling us in backer emails that we will soon have the option to switch platforms, but they are still working out some logistics. I imagine they may just be waiting until that is sorted out to formally announce it.

Well for the sake of all screwed backers, I hope they get on it when possible. And allow for refunds. Is it true that they want you guys to wait until 2018 for them? Saw some comments on the kickstarter page and would be furious if that was really the case.

Fri Jan 20 17 07:32pm
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Also interesting that their latest trailer had no mention of Switch. Makes me very worried indeed. If this game comes out much later than May or June on the Switch then it might harm their image. This is also feeding into the 3rd party Nintendo problem where indies/3rd parties release the game on Nintendo after everything else. And then the game doesn't sell well because of that. So then they think they can't sell their games on Nintendo. Really really hope this doesn't happen.

I really hope this still comes out in April for the Switch because what a PERFECT game to dive into after Breath of the Wild. That would leave me with no doubt or regret for buying this thing day 1, not that I have it already.

I think a May-July period is more likely, sadly.

An April release just feels like they would've confirmed it by now.

Agreed. But then again Shovel Knight is confirmed for April, and that was recent. There's still a good amount of time.

I still want this but Super Mario Odyssey has really taken a lot of that excitement for me.

Yeah, I felt the "3D Platformer" bubble burst thanks to SMO. Not that they could help knowing about it though, that's one thing I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for.

I'm still so disappointed with how this was handled. I supported the project because it seemed like a group of passionate people wanted to create a game for us fans of their past works, but then they suddenly decided that the Wii U wasn't good enough and dropped us faster than a hot pot. Turns out they ARE just another software developer...

Fri Jan 20 17 04:59pm
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I take it you think what they said about them running into technical problems with the Wii U port is a lie? And that stuff they said about a lot of people on the team wanting a Wii U version?

I'm not sure you could call it a lie but it wasn't really honest dealings either. They said it was coming to Wii U in their Kickstarter pitch. Afterwards they said they were developing the Wii U (and PC) version in house because they wanted to make sure it was great, and that the other versions were being handled elsewhere by another studio. Now, if you want to be honest and make good on your promises, you make the game so that it will run on the weakest of all the systems you promised the game to release on. Am I to believe you can't make a 3d platformer on Wii U? Of course not. If every step of the way they made sure what they were doing would run on Wii U there never would have been any problems. If you are trying to do something that won't work on Wii U then you scrap that idea. They never said what their technical problems were but it definitely could have been avoided.

Don't forget how instead of telling their INVESTORS/Backers ASAP that they ran into some issues and the game may suffer a cancellation on the Wii U if they can't fix them, they just came out of nowhere and was like "oh sorry guys Wii U is cancelled wait till 2018 for a refund". I don't give a damn what your reasoning is but you shouldn't hide critical info from your backers like that, especially if it means screwing over a lot of people who WON'T buy the switch and wanted a Wii U version.

I got after one of the team members on twitter over this and he just gave me a BS answer demanding my empathy by claiming "you dont know how hard game dev is and our team members wanted a Wii U version too" as a cop-out excuse. Game dev is a nightmare but that's what experienced team members are supposed to help out with, and even if these tech issues are the cause that's still no excuse to give no early notice to the backers, instead making it a PR stunt by waiting until confirming the release day for other consoles. That's horrible and it's impossible to defend with a straight face.

And yes, 2018 is the year they'll issue refunds according to some angry backers on their kickstarter comment page. Would be worth demanding a chargeback if true as that's a horrible wait.

Fri Jan 20 17 06:58pm
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Other people have already summed up my feelings, but I will reply to you Nuckles87.
I believe that they had trouble getting the game running on the Wii U to their satisfaction. I had not read them saying they wanted it for the Wii U, that is comforting at least.
But it doesn't show the transparency that I feel there should have been when they were having problems. The moment they thought it wasn't going to work they should have let their backers know. They could have done a lot of things, but they chose to announce that they were canceling the "main console" with vague technical difficulties reasons.
I just wanted to play on the T.V. while my wife played on the gamepad assisting, since this is not the type of game she usually plays.

Quite weird that we're hearing from a different developing company the situation of the projects from other companies.... But if we want some relevant talk with Team17, here's quite the quick pointer:


Fri Jan 20 17 04:57pm
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TEAM17 is helping with this game. I don't know exactly how but their logo appears before the Yooka Laylee trailers.

EDIT: Just looked it up... So apparently in June Playtonic announced that they are working on Wii U version and Team17 is porting to PS4 and Xbox One.

Huh, never noticed that. I'm quite bird-sighted on trailer stuff orz

Yes please!

So are we to believe that Switch is now the "Lead Platform"?

Fri Jan 20 17 05:26pm
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Knowing how there's a 95% chance the switch port will be delayed until summer and become DOA, I doubt it. Probably a PC effort now.

I give this 8 months before they cancel the Switch version.

This is why you don't back Kickstarters if you're a Nintendo user, kids. It's so easy to take people's money and run.

Fri Jan 20 17 05:56pm
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Well, aren't you a bundle of optimism =P
Also, they're not taking the money and running. They're offering refunds if people so desire

Fri Jan 20 17 06:14pm
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Which according to comments on the kickstarter page, won't be available until 2018.

So yeah, I agree with T27Duck for once.

I honestly have to question the pessimism in everything you post.

He's not wrong here though.

He's not right either; they're offering refunds for Wii U backers or the chance to update their order to Switch. To say they've ran with the money would imply they've gone DOA, which simply isn't true. This game is coming out, and will be out on a Nintendo console this year.

I don't know if this is true, but up above someone was saying that the refunds won't happen until 2018. That's a long time away and I wonder how many people will remember. I don't know if you are familiar with rebates, but one of the reasons manufacturers offer them is that fee people actually take advantage due to the long time in between giving the money, and getting a portion back. This seems similar.

Also, you say offering a switch version is basically the same as offering a Wii u version. Don't forget to take into account the $300 someone would have to pay now to play a game they were supposed to be able to play on the system they already own.

I'd need a proper source for the 2018 refund, and while It's a long wait, but it's still not "stealing your money" if you eventually get it back. It's crap, sure, but if you get it back you can't really say it's scamming. We can only wait for Playtonic's official word on this, if they've not already posted something on their own forum.

You can change your Wii U order to any system I believe, however if you only have access to a Wii U, then yeah that's unfortunate.

I'm not saying the situation isn't disappointing to Wii U owners. I just think labeling Playtonic as scammers is uncalled for, especially as they've already delivered a demo of their game (the Toy Box) and will be shipping it in just a few months.

sobering comments for sure. Despite reason I'm still hoping the lack of software is a sufficient motivation to have the game on switch. like trine 2 .
and in any case, it's not the usual "lol nintendo" if they have kept the wii u cancellation hidden and delayed the refunds to just so late. I am always hoping the anti nintendo bias will still keep consumers right intact but guess not


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