Switch AC adapter hearkens back to the SNES era

Just incase you haven't caught what the Switch's AC adapter looks like, here you go! This sucker is old-school! I don't think Nintendo has had a big plug like this since the SNES days! If you've got a power strip, it's time to switch (pun TOTALLY intended) around some plugs so this sucker can sit at the end! Thanks to T27Duck for the heads up.

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Thu Jan 26 17 12:05am
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The fuck? "Old school"? seriously? well, that's a cute way to sugarcoat that terrible brick, RMC.

I guess they had to fit a lot of the power stuff in the AC adapter in order to keep the system itself relatively thin. Good thing I've still got a large power strip.

I wouldn't be too sure of it, actually. Since the system can charge through USB-C, that means that your regular USB-C charger should work as well. And those things are as big as the usual phone chargers

Better for travel than a brick maybe?

if any USB-C connector works I'll just use my phone's charger.
Companies should really stop putting the box part of the power adapter on the connector rather than the cable though.

Thu Jan 26 17 12:05am
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The fuck? "Old school"? seriously? well, that's a cute way to sugarcoat that terrible brick, RMC.

That's not big, that's a third of the old console ones, it's not that much bigger than a modern phone one

Do you have a size comparison, because it's kinda hard to see looking at just the box like this

That's really awful. Holy Hell.

"we spent our entire budget for design on the system itself, so the powerplug was an afterthought"

I wrote a long and well thought out comment but after reading it I decided it was far to "jerk-ish" so I'll just say this,

I like it. Then again I have all my Nintendo Systems set up and ready to play at all times so I'm used to the brick thanks to the NES, SNES, and SFC

I don't really think it's as big as it looks. I thought so at first, but I think the angle of the picture makes it look quite a bit larger. It's definitely much skinnier than an SNES or NES adapter. I wish the prongs were positioned sideways though, because this will have to go at the end of a regular power strip, or it will take up 3 outlets. It would be nice if it was one of the ones that swivel so you could put it how you want it.

Luckily in my living room this would be the only plug like this so putting it at the end should be no problem for me. In the room where I keep all my older systems I have the giant power strips that are made to accommodate the big ac adapters.

Yeah I have to agree, I don't think it's as big as it appears, just very box-shaped. Wonder why they chose this over something similar to the Wii U controller's charger though, having the transformer box further down the wire.

I'm wondering if there is not a completely different plug for the dock. If you look at the box this one plugs straight into the tablet part.

If I'm not mistaken, both the Switch and the Dock use USB-C for charging, but I can't say I am 100% sure

This is called a "wall wart" (per Schiit Audio Smile

Oh man, are we seriously going back to these bricks, the GC to Wii U had the Transformer as the middle brick, that was fine, that worked!

Thu Jan 26 17 03:22am
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Don't know why some people are freaking out. The headline I guess? Anyway, this is a pretty standard sized power brick for high-powered mobile products. My Microsoft Surface 3 and iPad both have ACs like this. I'm sure something like the Switch requires, at minimum, a 12v charger to charge properly. Using the USB C for reference, this is about how big they are.

Bleh, this sucks. Why can't we have a thin AC adapter with a brick attached to it shortly down the line like the one of the Wii U?

Plus, it looks like that the thinner end isn't the same one as the one of the Wii U power line. Double bleh.

There's some hope here. The European adapter might look completely different. If I'm not mistaken, the European SNES also had the brick in the middle instead of at the plug

I went back to check my cables for the old systems I own and sure enough, the cable was just like you described! By looking at that American-style plug on the box cover not being that much used around here, I might say that your prediction has some ground footing to back it up.

This will likely give a bit more wattage than a regular phone charger. Which would make charging the Switch a bit faster when using this adapter compared to a regular one.

The European SNES adapter was much different. it was boxy but had in and out cables instead of this atrocity.

Luckily my power strip has sockets that are pretty far apart. a moment of silence for those less fortunate

I guess it is for easier transportation (so sadly you can't use the small sockets any more like for all consoles so far in Continental Europe)

So........ A regular wall plug + USB-C cable won't work? :/ I wanted to import a Switch from UK but their plug is wrong.

I highly doubt it. That would go entirely against the standard USB-C stands for

Here's the UK version, for anyone curious.


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