Nintendo adds "Majora's Mask: Terrible Fate" fan film to their YouTube "Nintendo Favorites" listing

Well, that is not something I ever expected to see. Nintendo usually isn't too fond of spreading the word on fan projects. With that said, Nintendo has decided to feature the amazing "Majora's Mask: Terrible Fate" fan film to their "Nintendo Favorites" listing on their YouTube page. The listing is largely dominated by YouTube personalities Nintendo has worked with, or Nintendo's own content. This inclusion of the Majora's Mask video is really surprising. Let's hope it's the first glimmer of a Nintendo that's looking to change their stance on fan projects.


Nintendo really seems to only have an issue with fan games due to them being seen as "free alternatives" to the stuff Nintendo sells for profit. Fan films, provided they're none profit like in the case of A Terrible Fate, seem to be just fine as they can't really compete with Nintendo's ultimate bottom line.

Although it would be interesting if what's happened is now Ember Labs and Nintendo have worked out some kind of deal, like the fan film was so good Nintendo's willing to hire them for projects they'll pay them for.

Tue Jan 31 17 10:05am
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Yes, this is exactly it. On top of that, Nintendo is also fine with fan drawings. In fact, they've had contests where people submit their fan drawings

The thing is, most fan projects are of MUCH lower quality and artistic merit as that one MM fan film. If no one told you it was a fan film, you would have thought it was a Nintendo funded and created production. It was THAT good. If more fan projects had this level of polish, Nintendo would not be as adverse to sharing the content using official channels.

Interesting. Do you also think that to be the case with fan games?

Doubtful. Games are something they will make and can sell. They're not really doing anything currently with movies so it doesn't really cannibalize their sales. Similar to how Microsoft let Rare make games for the DS. MS didn't have a handheld so it wasn't attention diverted from their own device (plus they still get money).

Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking too. And I'm curious what Chambertlo thinks, based on what he said

Tue Jan 31 17 10:14am
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Its great news as this can lead them into knowing how the fans want the anime movies to their games to look & feel. I expect Nintendo to hire these talented artist for their movies in the future soon & give them jobs so they can spread more Nin love to all.

What's this, they finally supported something fan made, instead of requesting it being taken down?! If only they were this compassionate about the non profit fan games...

Nintendo has never been against fan movies, animations, skits and drawings, though

They're doing this because NOA has always been supportive towards Youtube and fan projects. As long as it isn't trying to make money off an existing Nintendo IP via a game, they're pretty much OK with it (hence why they invite Youtubers to so many events)

NCL on the other hand, would just prefer everyone go to NicoNico.


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