Japan - Switch online service to cost roughly the equivalent of $17.50 to $26.50 a year

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima let loose with a new tidbit concerning Nintendo's online plans for the Switch. When it comes to pricing in Japan, the service is going to cost somewhere around the equivalent of $17.50 to $26.50 a year. That's certainly less than most were expecting! Let's hope that same price approach hits the rest of the world.

As for why Nintendo is going with a paid online service, Kimishima says doing so makes it easier for Nintendo to support online features like multiplayer and the download of classic games.

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Wed Feb 01 17 12:59pm
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Great news! I was expecting $40-50, so around $20-30 would be great! Sweet spot would be $20-25. It makes sense, since at least so far, they do offer less free bonuses than Microsoft/Sony do, so being less than half the price of the competition is very smart and proves Nintendo isn't out to rip people off, they just want to be able to support a better, more fully-featured online experience than they were able to previously when the service was free.

I think it'll most likely be 30 just because it won't be a direct exchange. And If the console price was any indication, it'll most likely be the upper limit so I'm thinking 30.

Wed Feb 01 17 12:59pm
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Wow. My magic number was $20 a year, with $30 being my upper-limit. What a nice surprise!

Yeah, charging $50 for their online service would've been suicidal.

I think that's why the other 2 offer games to be tied to the online subscription. I still think it's expensive, and miss more games with local multiplayer on the other systems.

Still in regards for Nintendo regardless of price, they've put the stance to improve on the perfomance and when that doesn't happen, things could get ugly.

I agree with that. I haven't subscribed to PSN in quite a while and don't really plan on renewing any time soon. My interests in playing games online on those systems have diminished in recent years. I tend to stick to games with a meaty single-player campaign or local multiplayer for sports games.

Yeah, me too. I think that one thing the Switch could excel if it sells well, is in games that have ditched local multiplayer having more of an incentive to add it back if two or more people have one. Since then technically there wouldn't be a compromise as each unit could play the game at full. And more simple indie games could potentially be played well with a half joycon.

What Nintendo needs is to mass produce cheaper multiplayer experiences to really show the versatility of the hardware.

In regards to online, I'm guessing getting it good for E-Sports is the main goal, isn't it? For that crowd that take multiplayer experiences as a career, or something like that.

I'm expecting we'll see more 1-2 Switch type of games in the future. Maybe a new Warioware? You're right, there's ton of potential for the Switch to be the ultimate local multiplayer device. They really do need to push that as one of the big selling points with a good selection of games from different genres while at the same time not abandoning the online space. Give people options for both in all their multiplayer games.

At that price even a mostly-single-player guy like me would probably sign up. Consider me on-board if that price is that low.

It really smooths over the rough points of Nintendo's online plan, too. Suddenly chat-through-an-app and a measly single VC download don't seem so bad.

Now THAT's actually a really good price, and even lower than my "best case scenario" guess. Originally I said at worst Nintendo would charge like $60 a year like Sony and Microsoft do, and at best it'd be either $30 or $40. Having it near around $20 or $25 is even better, I'm actually okay with paying that as a yearly fee.

Wed Feb 01 17 01:14pm
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Wow that's really cheap.
Let's hope prices remain the same here in Europe. If so then count me in !

This is really awesome. I'd have paid similar to Xbox/Playstation, but I don't feel like most would. Hope to see similar pricing worldwide.

"and the download of classic games."

Okay, great. Maybe have an awesome sized VC library ready at launch instead of the same slow drip nonsense we've gotten since the Wii.

Want to hear more about what the subscription offers, but the price sounds good. Now fix MyNintendo while you are at it! My platinum coins are expiring and the gold ones will start to expire soon -__-.

I feel your pain. I'm racking up platinum and gold coins like crazy since the holidays. I hope they offer more and better redeemable prizes soon. >_<

I'm still quite salty on Nintendo imposing an Online Tax.

$30 is a decent price but it still sucks. Because Nintendo is gonna slow drip VC releases, we still don't know if we're gonna have to rebuy the same VC games we've gotten since the Wii, voice chat enabled to an app is stupid and redundant and the fact Splatoon 2 only lets you communicate with friends is also pretty lame. Also confirms that voice chat is once again enabled to a game to game basis instead of just being universal. Ugh...

oh , that's something. 30 eurodollars probably. I can stomach that. I'm still mad at all those enthusiast gamers that made it possible. But 30 instead of the 70 I've seen elsewhere, with the online play they say they have, it's something.

I was hoping they'd go at least/most half of what M$ and Sony are asking for.

It'd also be a good opportunity to toss in a Pokemon Bank subscription to sweeten the pot, but for what's been announced/offered so far, the price doesnt sound bad.

That explains the subpar services.

I could live with $20 a year...

That sounds right on the sweet spot beyond which I wouldn't consider subscribing for the whole year but rather on a monthly basis whenever a game comes out that would have a online mode that interests me.

This is cheaper than I thought. Now we just need more details about the service.

Aha. That was what I thought they would do [it was the only way that could really incense people to it - undercut the other two] - nice!

Ok so does this mean that inorder for me to buy eshop games, I have to pay Nintendo monthly for this when I get the switch?

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