Shin'en on FAST RMX - 1080p/60fps in TV mode even with 4 players, HD rumble support, all control options & more

- almost doubles the content in FAST Racing Neo
- added a lot of new visual effects
- many general improvements
- rebuilt from the ground up
- customize controls, event in multiplayer
- 1080p, 60 fps when docked, even when in 4-player multiplayer
- 8-player online and local multiplayer
- all control option supported
- all players need a copy of the game for local multiplayer
- HD Rumble supported, feel the position of which another racer hit you or you hit something
- no specific plans for DLC right now

For us, the Switch is certainly the coolest gadget Nintendo ever did. When you hold it the first time in your hands you are amazed how perfect everything feels. Everything is so slick and cleverly designed.

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Oh neat, it supports HD rumble. It kinda sound like the switch supports 2D linear actuators... I wish i tried the ARMs demo at G4 >.<

Impressive. No need for a F-Zero anymore really. Definitely picking this one up!

Wed Feb 01 17 02:43pm
Rating: 2

Physical release would be nice. Love Shinen games.

Oh huh I thought it was a retail release. Maybe I'm confusing it with Redout, another futuristic racer coming to the system (though Redout's published by Nicalis, and is more inspired by Wipeout and Star Wars Racing than F-Zero).

I've never played Fast Racing Neo, but I'm thinking I might buy this for the Switch, especially if it's $30 or less. This looks like the type of quality third party title that Nintendo needs more of on their platforms.

These guys know how to support a system. This is more work then AAA devs put into huge selling games. I'll pick this up day one.

I love these guys, they could make miracle games on a toaster (yeah, I know, blatant exaggeration, but come on, they are awesome, they deserve one or two hyperboles)! :D

oh hdrumble might ease the third purchase of it in four month ! (dlc disc rmx) .

Cool. I hope they use some anti-aliasing this time.


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