ARK: Survival Evolved dev doesn't currently have plans for Switch, but will be watching the system closely

If you wanted ARK: Survival Evolved to come to Switch, you might want to temper those expectations. A dev involved with the project says there are no current plans for a port, but they will be watching the Switch closely to see how it does. Perhaps if there's enough support from consumers, there's a future for ARK on the Switch at some point.

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Nope. That "game" is better off elsewhere

There's no way this would run on the Switch (and that's not really the switches fault the game seems to be a technical mess). An i7-6700K and a gtx 1070 struggles with it.

They've got the game on the PS4 and Xbone; they absolutely would make a scaled back build for the Switch if the audience is big enough.

What they probably never will do is break the development hell cycle. The feature creep is real.

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