More Jaleco games coming to Virtual Console

There are already a number of Jaleco titles available on the Virtual Console, but now we've learned that more are on the way. While we don't know what games are coming or where they're going to land, it has been confirmed that more Jaleco titles are incoming. We'll be sure to update you on what titles when that info becomes available.


Jaleco Rally Big Run! Please!

Which VC though? 3DS? Wii U? Switch? (Hopefully Switch)

Also another hope I have is that they'll rerelease Astyanax.

Wed Feb 08 17 10:23pm
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Am I the only one starting to think that this recent surge in VC games release is weird? Is it indicative of something?

That surge for the old systems in particular felt weird to me too. Are we going to be able to get those games for free on Switch if we got them on the previous systems perhaps, enticing us to invest in those now, knowing we'll get to keep them in the long run? Wishful thinking here :P.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

Went ahead and got Ogre Battle 64 on the PAL Wii U VC today as a result, I had always wanted to try it out and wasn't going to spend some money that would maybe best be saved for Switch eShop titles, but I did it anyway thinking I might be able to play OB64 on the go later thanks to that :P.

We will see. That would be great. I believe we will get a discount at the very worst.


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