CYBER Gadget releasing a New 3DS XL accessory to increase screen size

Looks like the days of old-school Game Boy accessories are returning! CYBER Gadget is releasing some sort of magnification device for the New 3DS XL screen, which increases the size to 6.2 inches. This idea is so damn silly that I want one!

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Sun Feb 12 17 05:45am
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This will just exasperate the already poor resolution. Not a good idea at all. 😐

Well, I think it did well on GB, which had even poorer resolution. ;P

Sun Feb 12 17 07:02am
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Lol. I remember owning one for the GB back in its golden days & I'll be happy to pick this up. But that price! Are they asking close to $100 for it?...

Oh wait, I think close to $10 they are selling for. If so then color me sold!

Need this for regular new 3DS :o

I used to have one of those for my Gameboy (a lighted one) and GameGear! Brings back a lot of good memories for some reason.

That's kind of cool. Shame it'll prob make games look terrible.

I still have my old Light Boy. It wasn't that great a product. The light was good for dark situations, but the magnifier only simulated holding the Game Boy a few inches closer to your face.


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