Switch dock is proprietary, Bluetooth headset support, 3.5mm jack info

Here's a few tidbits from a French interview with Nintendo's Yoshiaki Koizumi...

- dock is a proprietary format
- you can use a Bluetooth headset
- you can still use the 3.5 jack when the Switch is docked

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Okay, you can use a head-set. Can you voice-chat with it?.

Dunno yet. You know about as much as anyone else

Best guess: it might be a game-by-game basis. That Phone App thing is still confusing honestly, it's one of the few aspects about the system I feel Nintendo hasn't explained very well (the console itself they've made super clear what it is, but some of the online functionality not so much).

It feels they're looking into it, and likely be commented on a presentation at launch.

The thing I don't get is if the audio will come from the phone or how will this be setup?

I do wonder if it's also a reason on why they'll be a free trial for online, since it's likely they want to see how people react to this system and if they'll be willing to pay for it.

I want to comment Nintendo can and has changed strategies depending on people's feedback so it'll be interesting seeing if this works.

Yeah, I'm not using a phone app to play online. I'll just resort to my laptop in such a case.

I'm 99% certain the dock being proprietary will cause outrage it shouldn't, but it's cool to know this.

Headset chat will likely not happen.

Mon Feb 13 17 02:13pm
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The original article says NOTHING about headsets, but about headphones (as in "no mic attached"). To me there's a HUGE difference there.

Granted in the pic from the initial presentation the guy uses a triconnector 3.5 jack so perhaps headsets AND mics are supported through that port, but at least that's not what the article in French says.


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