Today's BIG Story 2/13/17 - The biggest Switch info leak yet!

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Feb. 13th, 2017. This is the biggest load of Switch information we've seen yet. You can bet Nintendo is trying to hunt down whoever leaked this info out!

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Mon Feb 13 17 04:44pm
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Nintendo is now being goaded into clearing up online service details - and it's beginning to look like whatever they do they look weak and not in control of the conversation. 'Why haven't they done this already' has been the question every fan and nintendo podcast / editorial has been asking for weeks.

Maybe what they have is really cool and different and interesting but they aren't quite ready? Perhaps they decided to launch early and they want to get some key things ironed out? Maybe they wanted to focus on the core message in the build up to launch day?

But what if it isn't cool? What if it's a bit awkward and crap - and it's different in a way that will frustrate the wide audience they're reaching for?

I hope not and I think not - but who knows? I hope their strategy doesn't backfire but in amongst what is the most enticing console launch for a long time (in my opinion) they've backed themselves into a corner and they need to come out fighting asap.

To be fair, they don't really need to atm. I imagine there isn't Switch preorders just sitting out there waiting for someone to get off the fence and buy it. So there's no real rush to sway the people who are unsure right now. Plus it'll be better to see it reviewed first-hand by early adopters rather than what Ninty intends it to be.

That's a fair point and in practical sales terms you're absolutely right. But I hope the content they're going to surprise everyone with holds up because they've done nothing to prime people for what's coming - maybe it means they're confident and what they have is strong and really effective in a cool nintendo kind of way.

I'm sure they can do that - but would it harm them to at least say 'we're not saying anything until launch - it's going to be great and we want people to be surprised'?

I hope this means that my dream feature is a reality. Buy a game once and play it on every system that I own simultaneously. This would save me a ton of money since I currently would have to buy a game four times for each member of my household to play on their own screen.

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