Nicalis teasing physical release of Cave Story on Switch

Nicalis just can't help themselves when it comes to teasing Switch games. Again, I think this is going to be more of a case of when, rather than if.

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Mon Feb 13 17 11:33pm
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I knew there was a reason I never got around to buying this.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't this be the first physical release this game has ever gotten?

There was a graphical remake for 3DS, I think.

Yeah the 3DS got a remake that opted for a 2.5D look, the graphics were considered a real mixed bag compared to the pixel art seen in the other Nicalis remakes (which used pixel art that was like a 16-bit upgrade of the original faux 8-bit graphics from the old freeware version).

I get the feeling the Switch version will be based more off of Cave Story+, which is basically an enhanced PC version of the Wiiware remake.

I wonder if it's going to be another 3D remake? I know people like the original version, but the 3DS version absolutely clicked with me, it's the exact kind of style I love, kind of this empty, distant kind of style, which creates it's own unique atmosphere, which Mario 64 had also, and there was a thread on reddit exactly about this kind of graphical style just recently, and there are some people who share the same view with me.

The 3DS having stereoscopic 3D was what motivated the making of that specific version. Too many people were discontent with it I'm afraid for them to make another version like that, especially on the Switch that doesn't have stereoscopic 3D. No one would know for sure of course, but I don't think they'd catter to the minority of people who prefered the 3D version, for a system that doesn't have the feature that motivated its making in the first place.

I was thinking it's about time to finally play this. I would get a physical version.

Mon Feb 13 17 11:49pm
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Keep them coming Nicalis and I'll buy them! Binding of Isaac is the game I'm getting at launch with breath of the wild. ( these box arts are beautiful, 1001 spikes and now this)

I am so down for physical versions with pretty box art and game cards. I love that the Switch seems to be getting so many smaller releases this way.

Freaking gorgeous boxart. But alas. I don't enjoy double dipping unless a game has extra content or it is a from-the-ground-up remake.

I have played this game on waay too many systems now. So, I might skip. That boxart looks nice, though.

Am I gonna buy Cave Story AGAIN? Yes.

I guess I should finally play this!

why does official artwork of quote frequently have him wearing gloves but his sprite does not

Maybe he is meant to have gloves, but it would cause confusion in sprite form?

I can see that to be the reason. I am colorblind, but the gloves are the same color as the pants, right? They would blend together too much.
I'm sure most Nintendo fans here know this already, but this is actually the reason Mario got his overalls

Yeah, they are the same red in the boxart, give or take some tinting due to shadows and what not.

Oh, I know.

This boxart is a picture of him at the beginning, before he has said the famous quote "You've done it, now the gloves are coming off."

I bet this will never come to Europe. I hate you Nicalis.

Switch is region free though so you can always import it! That's what I'll definitely be doing. 😬

It's more expensive than just walking to your nearby store and picking up a copy of your own region though. If Nicalis would just stop treating European players that way, there wouldn't be any issue.


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