GoNintendo Talking Points - Zelda: Breath of the Wild's anger-inducing DLC

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first mainline Zelda title to include paid DLC. Quite a number of fans are very angry about this. Let's break things down and see if the rage is worth it.

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I'm absolutely shocked and dismayed, RMC: but not at the fact that we're getting a great load of post-release content for this amazing game. I'm shocked and dismayed that so many people think of this as a negative development. I have to assume most of the Zelda fans who are mad don't have experience with DLC expansions. If you get the game and enjoy it, why WOULDN'T you then want to plunk down a small sum to expand the game months after release? It's a no-brainer. My first reaction was "Awesome!" Then I saw the reactions and I was flabbergasted. I would have assumed this would be greeted as joyous news. Instead, people acted like Aonuma ran over their dog. I just don't get the anger.

Do we even know exactly what's included in the DLC? Or are people just raging because it's paid DLC?

A lot of people are going insane because high profile youtubers like PBG and Chadtronic labeled the bonus treasure chests that come with the pass as day one micro transactions, when they're barely any different than amiibo gifts

To be fair to PBG he never called the chests with vanity items "microtransactions" (even people who were shocked by the DLC announcement were quick to say "they didn't announce any microtransactions in this, so to all of ya'll who are saying that, stop lying"), he also later clarified he just doesn't like DLC in general, or anything "digital" for that matter. He even added he didn't like how Smash 4 had DLC characters instead of every single character being an unlockable from day 1.

He pretty much admitted he's fallen into "20-something acting like an old man" syndrome, saying he preferred how things were when he was younger. Granted I take it he never gamed on PC in his youth as PC gamers enjoyed expansions for years (yeah those expansions were physically released but DLC just makes it easier to put out expansions without enduring more packaging and shipping costs).

Thu Feb 16 17 01:39am
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Yes we do, sort of. some of it is ambiguous. People are raging mainly because it says the dlc is adding and i quote "New Hard Mode". People read that and instantly figured the hard mode is locked behind a pay wall but NEW is the key word here. If this is an additional difficulty apart from hero mode people are overreacting but if this is just the regular hero mode the anger is warranted.

Thu Feb 16 17 01:50am
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Ugh... so basically we have a small idea of exactly what's coming in the DLC and because it includes a few rather vague terms people are going nuts? ...makes perfect sense (sarcasm)...

If I had to guess, the Expansion Bonus treasure stuff is nothing to get upset about... just a few vanity items and gear that players could easily live without...

The two packs are the real reason you're paying...

The term 'New Hard Mode' is definitely vague, but as you suggested, it could very well be an entirely different Hard Mode from the norm. And that 'Additional Map Feature' is so vague I couldn't even begin to guess what it means.

That 'New Original Story' definitely has me intrigued... what does it mean by New Original Story? Is there going to be a whole new story to play through?

And how much money were they asking for this stuff? $20.00 I think they said?

Overall, looks like another classic case of people really needing to grow up and stop freaking out over limited information. We're going to know exactly what comes in these packs eventually, is it too much to ask to save the going crazy until after we know if this stuff is worth the cost or not?

I love how people automatically think that Nintendo cut out half of the game and sells it as DLC. I really doubt the Zelda Team would ever do that, and the fact that the final parts of this releases at the end of the year, I assume they properly started working on it when Breath of The Wild was around the point to being wrapped up.

I really find it interesting how Nintendo always have to prove itself more than twice as much for the same things, than all other companies. Special rules for Nintendo because 'reasons'.

I WILL say that I would for a few reasons preferred there not being any DLC for a main Zelda game, though. I just miss the days when a game was finished, released, and that's it, with no mandatory day-upe updates, DLC, Micro stuff, add-ons, Passes, etc. New content is always awesome, of course, but... I guess I just miss the simpler days when you just put a dics/casette into your console, and the game started. No menu full of little things.

I'm absolutely shocked and dismayed, RMC: but not at the fact that we're getting a great load of post-release content for this amazing game. I'm shocked and dismayed that so many people think of this as a negative development. I have to assume most of the Zelda fans who are mad don't have experience with DLC expansions. If you get the game and enjoy it, why WOULDN'T you then want to plunk down a small sum to expand the game months after release? It's a no-brainer. My first reaction was "Awesome!" Then I saw the reactions and I was flabbergasted. I would have assumed this would be greeted as joyous news. Instead, people acted like Aonuma ran over their dog. I just don't get the anger.

Thu Feb 16 17 10:14am
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I blame years of shady DLC practices from other companies, so I'm not that surprised by the backlash. The letters D.L.C. are forever cursed. I would have like to hope people would wait until we got a bit more information, but Nintendo is being too vague with this announcement so I can't really blame them.

Where's the team that put together the announcement for MK8 DLC, that was clear and to the point. Going from my past experience with Nintendo and DLC (not much really... only MK8 and SSB) I have yet to feel like Nintendo has burnt we with their DLC practices, so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Thu Feb 16 17 11:36am
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In all the comment threads pointing out that Nintendo has so far done DLC right, people point to MK8 and Smash 4. But what about New Super Mario Bros. 2? Or Fire Emblem Awakening? I purchased a good chunk of DLC for those games and was let down. Regardless, as the Zelda DLC is being touted as expansion packs rather than just new levels, I would hope/expect that this will be more akin to MK8. Still, in my mind, Nintendo does not have a perfect record with DLC. Just because they are not as bad as other companies does not mean they have not misfired in the past.

Thu Feb 16 17 05:59pm
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The only reason I mentioned those two games is because (as I wanted to make sure I pointed out) they are the only games I have ever dealt with from Nintendo that has DLC. The other games you mentioned I do not own so can't comment on them.

I have yet to experience any of these Nintendo misfires you mentioned, but once I do I'll gladly agree with you. Lets us just continue to hope this announcement is more inline with the MK8 DLC in terms of quality and content.

Nintendo was better off with waiting until a year later to announce this, instead of announcing it before the game is even released. They should have given it time, because it just makes it sound like they intentionally cut a bit out of the game, and expect gamers to spend $80 altogether for the complete game, instead of the regular $60 price.

Thu Feb 16 17 02:34am
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I'm not angry about it, I'm not even disappointed about it. This isn't the first time Nintendo has used a season pass.

Thu Feb 16 17 02:43am
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See for me it's not the fact that the bonus chests are Launch Day DLC with more coming. My problem is the price. At least for me I'll wait till Winter when we kno what the additional dungeon and more importantly what the new story entails. As much as I wouldn't mind seeing it from Zelda's or say even Ganon's side (in theory of course) $20 seems too much to ask for IMO. Another issue is they didn't split this up for those who don'tcare about the Cave of Trials or "New" Hard Mode (which I still think is Hero's mode). You kno $10 each. Or maybe $5 for the first and $15 for the second or whatever.

$10 Launch Day, $15 maybe, $20 most likely not, but if pleasantly surprised then sure, but again has to be more then just a different viewpoint... I'm not ill informed enough to think they cut content to make paid DLC, because we already heard rumors of BotW being delayed and it could possibly be for these.

Thu Feb 16 17 02:56am
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Sorry RMC, but let me guess before watching this video, that you say no., the rage isn't worth it. Just a hunch, given how you defend nearly everything else they do. Nintendo make a lot of stupid decisions, granted this by far isn't their worst but it's almost getting to the point where straws and camel spring to mind.

Edit: Sorry, that was very fair and balanced and covered all of my complaints. Another thing I would add is that the first pack is a load of tripe and really should be in the game. Then there's the $20/€20 for the second pack. Given that the game itself costs €50(I personally paid €40 through a deal), will this add 40% new extra content? We all know the answer to that.

Like take Smash Bros. on Wii U. I worked out before that the game plus all the DLC I think came to about €200. The DLC was a fraction of what was in the main game. And, that game is now likely to get a Switch port(in fact I can as good as guarantee it will) with all the DLC for €60 maybe around Christmas or before Summer next year. They've got to space the games and Smash came out after MK8, they also probably want to get more sales from the current iterations before announcing the new one.

It all depends on whether the DLC content is akin to Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS (which I felt was overpriced) or Mario Kart 8 (which was pretty damn good money).

Not trying to argue because I feel the first pack does sounds like utter tripe and Smash's DLC was overpriced, but it was for a reason.

Simply put, Nintendo had to make sure around three companies sometimes four got compensated and thus needed a high price to turn a profit, and by the time Corrin was announced they probably knew they could get away with overcharging for their own characters too.
Sucks for us. But was neccessary on Nintendo's part.

Sakurai's DLC was not for a fair reason. He knew very well ahead of time that people wanted Mewtwo, Lucas, and Roy to return in SSB for Wii U and 3ds. Instead of taking time to include them, before releasing the game, or releasing the game early, and promising to include them for free later, we took a lousy route of greed, and had us pay $5 extra for those characters, which meant players who bought all 3 ended up spending $15 for characters that Sakurai wan't patient enough to put in the game.

It also sucks when you keep in mind how SSB for Wii U and 3ds were very light on content, compared to Melee or Brawl. Melee had it's Adventure Mode, for fun replay value, Brawl had it's Story Mode with cutscenes, and the Wii U and 3ds version had nothing to offer for a great new single player experience. Not everyone thought 8 Player Smash, Smash Tour, or the Master/Crazy Orders modes were worth the price of $60 alone, and were expecting more. Not everyone wanted all of these stupid Mii customization features to hog up a big chunk of the game's collectables, and would have rather taken more characters, or customization features for the actual fighters instead. So to intentionally cut out characters fans were wanting, and expect them to pay for them at an unfair price was a real lousy move.

Everyone acts like Nintendo is so much better at dlc than everyone else, but they're almost as bad. Mario Kart 8 is the only game to really offer dlc that was worth it's value, and it wasn't announced ahead of time either, unlike SSB and Zelda: BOTW (Yes, SSB had DLC announced ahead of time, because the big SSB Nintendo direct mentioned that Mewtwo would come out as DLC in the future, and would only be free for owners of the Wii U and 3ds versions of the game.) Nintendo has had a lousy record of dlc content that really didn't add much to the experience, besides recycling a bunch of already existing content to look or play slightly different. This includes games like NSMB 2, Pikmin 3, the 3ds Fire Emblem games, Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, and many others.

The only good DLC approaches from Nintendo were Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, and Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Thu Feb 16 17 03:59am
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I for one am shocked that Nintendo is making us pay extra money to be able to enjoy the full experience offered by a Zelda game.

Thu Feb 16 17 10:28am
Rating: 2

And I'm shocked and disbeliefed at the notion of Nintendo marketing their hardware in a Zelda game:

Such immersion breaking, That totally is something that still bothers people to this very day.

Thu Feb 16 17 04:03pm
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tell me about it

those monsters.

To be fair, that was more of Capcom and Tecmo Koei/Team Ninja's doing, but it still sucks that Nintendo let them get away with it...

Don't act like people were/are ok with this, as much as many of us enjoyed these games, these requirements of buying different games, accessories, and dlc were never enjoyable for either of us. People have complained about this stuff for years, so don't act like everyone is attacking BOTW's dlc, while ignoring this, because if you've been a gamer as long as I have, you will have known very well that people have expressed their hatred for the full content handlings of these Zelda spin off games.

"Don't act like people were/are ok with this"

I am not acting like people were/are okay with this -- I am acting like this is not exactly a new or unexpected development, lol.

The time where something productive could have actually been done with all this anger was before Zelda fans proved that selling these games piece by piece is an effective and lucrative business practice.

Except back than, the internet wasn't as big or accessible as it is now, which made it harder for fans to have discussions about how they felt about how Capcom handled the Oracle games. Back then, people had to no world wide way of discussing their feelings about how lousy the marketing scheme for those games were.

Now in days, people finally realize they can have a say in speaking up about this. It's sad to see people talking down to others, just because they think gamers deserve better for all the money they spend to keep these game companies in business, only to see these game makers and publishers taking advantage of the fans who keep them in business...

"Except back than, the internet wasn't as big or accessible as it is now"

Your recollection of 2014 is a lot different from mine. People bought that Hyrule Warriors DLC by the truckload, lol.

"Now in days, people finally realize they can have a say in speaking up about this"

Nintendo does not care even a little bit about people speaking about this, they care about how many people buy it.

As someone who did not buy any of the HW stuff, did not buy any of the Fire Emblem Fates versions, did not buy the latest Pokemon versions, did not buy any of the Mario Kart DLC, and has not bought a single Amiibo, I have done more than most of the people whining about this.

Just another example of gamer temper tantrums. If you're not sold on the DLC yet....wait until more details are announced. It's not like if you don't buy the DLC day one you won't ever have another chance at it. The only way the rage is justified is if people really want a Switch shirt for Link to wear that badly...then there is just something wrong with you lol

A certain sect of gamers just love to find something to complain about - that was it for that day [as Hamr pointed out, this is not really the first of such for Zelda]!

I'm expecting Mario Odyssey's possible Season Pass to be equally raged on for no good reason too, lol.

If it's similar value to the Mario Kart 8 DLC (which was fantastic value if you pre-purchased both packs) then it should be worth the asking price.

Thu Feb 16 17 06:19am
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The fake outrage over this is pathetic. When has Nintendo ever screwed us over with DLC before? Don't people get the benefit of the doubt anymore?

When an industry that screws with consumers as much as the video game industry does I can sort of get why people are fickle and hesitant.

However you are right in that a lot of people will baby rage over nothing.
The details of this are so damn vague it's impossible to gauge what almost any of it is, the context needs to be there for me to form a full opinion.

I won't get the pass until more details are given, I'm still getting BOTW, and will love it just as much as I would've without knowing about a season pass.

Thu Feb 16 17 08:27am
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I hear you, but like I said, Nintendo hasn't screwed us over on DLC yet. Don't tar them with the same brush as everyone else until they give you reason to. I've got my copy of BoTW pre-ordered. I can't wait to play it.

Thu Feb 16 17 11:39am
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This may just be personal, but I would say Nintendo misfired with DLC in NSMB2 and Fire Emblem Awakening. With that said, I hope that this is more akin to the awesome MK8 DLC.

Thu Feb 16 17 06:23am
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This is a really negative video surprisingly.
Just to be clear this is great news. I don't understand how "this is how it goes nowadays" can be the conclusion here. The way it goes nowadays is terrible business practices. This here seems to be season pass done right. It's precisely NOT how it goes nowadays. People should be happy about this development. It's definitely a step in the right direction. Witcher 3 had done pretty much exactly the same thing and people were super happy about it. Compare this to the whole FFXV debacle and see if you still have the nerve to complain.

There are so many wholes in these arguments against this dlc that it's not even funny anymore.

I dunno, if anything, FFXV's season pass was one of the things it got right, even if it screams "finish it now add the rest later"

It's clear in what you get, two item packs, some costumes in said packs, three episodic expansions based on each character and a new co-op mode.
To me the details of BOTWs season pass are so vague I just cant grasp what the heck most of it will be, and I think thats a bigger issue for a lot of people with more ... Explosive triggers, shall we say?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the content will be great once we see whats in store, I just couldn't care less until I actually see it personally

I can't exactly say it's a season pass done right if we don't even really know how it is done yet. As RPGargoyle said, we don't really know much about it yet. 20 dollars is basically a third of the price of a game. But do we get a third of a game's content in return for our investment?

Thu Feb 16 17 07:06am
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Why are people still forgetting that making games has become more expensive, especilly(?) big AAA games. And how will those game developers get paid of?
Either by selling more and to do that almost ever big game is a shooter or sandbox in a big franchise. And to make sure they are selling, a LOT of money goes to big marketing like tv ad!

Or they could make the price higher, BUT the only way to do that today is DLC/Season Pass, but they are also there so that game makters can get paid IF it a pre-own game. That why we are getting "broken up" games today for they cost more to make!

GameXplain Podcast Episode 45 talk about the cost of making games, so maybe give IT a listen to get a better understanding of making games!

Remeber that this Zelda has been over 5 year in the making by around 300 people and we are "only" paying 60$ for that, so they are theoretical only getting 20 cent for each copy sold for 5 years of work, so 4 cent a year, and I wouldn't be surprise IF they only gets half of that for the are other expenses to make games like making the discs, so they get theoretical 2 cent a year, so 1 million copies only give them 20 000$ for one year of work, around 1666.67$ a month, so that is maybe half of what they earn without including other stuff like Free coffee or insurance at work, so games has to sell 2-4 million copies to go around today IF we only pay 60$ for them, so 25% more would make a big difference!

They have already Done IT for movies when you see them at the cinema, like more expensive tickets and even more money IF in 3D.
And the N64-games did also cost more, but that only happen for the manufacturing cost where higher than discs at the time.

I'm more excited for this than I was for the Darksiders 2 Season Pass, which for 20$ gave me 2 dungeon and 1 armor set, so around 2-4h of gameplay, but I LOVED IT all the way through, but then they also have a dungeon for pre-order, worth 7$ IF you brought IT later and that was the BEST one of the 3 for IT have the most item-puzzles of the 3. All the dungeon also gave you powerfull high level weapon fitting for late game or New Game+ (New Hard Mode?) and not only for begining game!

And what is most funny is that then for 4 over years ago people where also complaining[/b] about IT's price, but mostly for it was A Season pass where we didn't know what Singleplayer DLC we would be getting instead of IT being Multiplay DLC or Weapon/Armor or other so called optional DLC stuff, (but you did get the armor set for "Free" when you brought the Season Pass). But they also did complain that IT wouldn't have stories Linked to the Main story!

SO the only question left to know is, will BOTW have a better Season Pass than Darksiders 2 or not? Well you could buy D2's dungeons individual for 10$ each, but then you wouldn't get the armor set for free.

SO PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING about prices, games are EXPENSIVE to make!!!

So I ask everybody, would you rather pay 80$ for big games to get none DLC/FREE DLC (the way Splatoon did it) or would you pay 60$ and then 20$ more for DLC to get the rest of the game?

But lower prices for games (40$ like R&C at PS4) that is fine by all, but higher prices (over 60$) is almost prohibited to do. BUT games isn't getting cheaper to make, they are getting more expensive to make.

(PS: PLEASE read this and maybe comment at this, for is took me 3 h to write this, maybe because I'm don't have english as a native launguage)

Maybe it's just me, but the excessive use of bold font makes this really annoying to read. Bold (and italics and such) should be used sparingly to put emphasis where necessary, not every other word.

Thanks for saying that

Thu Feb 16 17 11:13pm
Rating: 1

Alright, I read all of it, and let me start by saying that it's true games are more expensive to make. The current market sort of forces big developers to also go big with their games. So, in that regard, it does make sense that games also become pricier.
Interestingly, your math actually makes me realize that 60 dollars still would be a fine price. You say they earn 1666 dollars per month if Zelda sells 1 million copies. But Zelda will definitely sell much more than that, and on top of that, you shouldn't forget that the staff was 300 large for the full 5 years, but that it grew gradually.

If anything, the bigger problem is that game prices just aren't variable enough. The market doesn't seem to allow that, but that would actually be the best for the industry. Games that are huge and were expensive to make should reflect into a bigger price point. At the same time, smaller games should be cheaper.
Honestly, that's what I like about Steam. You can find a variety of prices for the games there, roughly reflecting the development costs for the game.

But as the console market is right now, games are typically 60 dollars and if your game is too expensive to have that price cover the costs, then that is their issue. That shouldn't count as a justification for people to buy the DLC. The DLC itself should be worth its price

Fri Feb 17 17 12:08am
(Updated 1 time)

But isn't today games cheap IF buying NES games in the 80s cost you 40-60$, which today with inflation would be almost the double in prices, 80-100$ today?
SNES did cost more to reflect rising cost with prices at 50-80$ in the 90s, while N64 games had the same price range(?). But then the discs where coming, cheaper to make than cartriage at the mid 90s so that the standard price become 60$, with cheaper games at 50$ sometimes.

The same for consle, for the atari was more expensive than the ps3's 599$ at launch, which is 699$ today, Almost 799$ for an atari today which was 199$ in the 70s. NES at 199$ in the 80s, is around 450$ today and N64 would cost around 300$ today, the same as a Switch!

And inflation have make people earn more money but not as high as the highest inflation at stuff like movie tickets.

So games are "cheaper" today than the were yesterday, so games should cost at least 80$ today, BUT all the sales make us believe that they should be cheaper instead, like 40$!

People will always need something to whine about. Don't want it. Don't buy it. Don't gimme that "but da full xperience!!" crap. You're not a Pavlovian dog. You do not have to buy DLC just because it's Zelda.

I will be buying however.

Pavlov's dog, lol Nice. Tuning fork or lights off!

Thu Feb 16 17 05:20pm
Rating: 1

Also the complainers being mad that Nintendo doesn't specify the story DLC, yet at the same time not wanting to get spoiled. Same with the secret chests that probably everyone will share where they are.

This reminds me when with Mario Kart 8 before the DLC people complaining that Nintendo didn't told it was going to be on launch date.

All in all, I see this as another change people are resistant in regards to this franchise, that ironically people want it to change, but not too much.

I seriously don't understand the hate. You pay for the game, you get the full game. The DLC is not even out yet, you'll just be able to buy it to then, at a later date, get your dlc. Which means you'll probably have played the full game by then and you'll only get extra content.
This is absolutely not a "Standard, Deluxe and Gold Edition" situation.

Not sure if it's already been brought up but what about the year investment they are putting into this, when they could be working on a true Switch Zelda. Dlc or an actual sequel, the latter weighs far more to me.

When Fallout 4 got DLC's everyone was like " awesome. I get to spend even more time in that big,deep world", but Nintendo are stoopid bitches just out for our moneh...

Thu Feb 16 17 09:24am
Rating: 2 (Updated 2 times)

I'm not particularly ANGRY about the DLC development.

However, I do not like this idea that "If Person X has _____ feelings about something, Person X is a whiny, entitled idiot", and other such nonsense. Since when does one person get to decide how someone else should feel about something? That is why we are all individuals.

I've been pointing this out for years, even on Go Nintendo, but people are allowed to have their own opinions. And it seems that the internet especially, because of it's "faceless" nature, because people aren't having to look another person directly in the eyes, face to face, and DEAL with that other person, and their feelings, then suddenly everyone forgets how to act like adults and "Agree to Disagree". It's especially hilarious (see: sad), that it's typically over such mundane sh** as video games, or movies, or comics, etc, too.

In other words, the internet helps people act more like jerks than they would in real life. Why? Because you don't actually have to deal with the other person, or suffer real consequences (unless you're banned from a message board, oh darn), thus you don't have to treat other people you interact with online, as Human Beings. People tend to say stupid, horribly mean and ignorant sh** on the internet that most of them would NEVER say to other people's faces in real life, both because they'd be afraid of upsetting or hurting feelings, but also because they'd be afraid of confrontation and possibly physical retaliation. In other words, the internet not only enables the meanness of humanity, it also enables cowardice.

Just saying, people are allowed to feel how they want about something, to think what they want about something. And if someone doesn't share YOUR particular opinion about a given topic? Too damn bad. It's called being an adult, and having differing opinions. You're going to deal with differing opinions your whole life, and if you as a human being can't handle differing opinions and just want the safety of an echo chamber (IE a "Safe Space" where no one ever challenges you or offers a different perspective), then you'd likely be better off never leaving your house.

Thu Feb 16 17 12:25pm
Rating: 1

- I like Star Fox Zero.
- Didn't care for the lack of c-movement in Pikmin 3.
- Have used more my Wii U than the PS4 (albeit for older games).
- Despite being a Nintendo fan I've never been into Pokemon and Fire Emblem.
- I don't get the preemptive hate for something we don't have idea how it'll turn out, especially when it's the same crowd that doesn't want to be spoiled.

It's not that opinions matter that much, yet at the same time statements like this might stir or make angry a few people. But like the old saying says;

If you don't want to be criticized, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

Thu Feb 16 17 01:15pm
(Updated 4 times)

It's not really Zelda in particular. I'm just miffed about how many games are going the route of the DLC season pass nowadays, as I'm finding it harder and harder to justify spending so much money on individual games. But Zelda is the last game I would've thought to have a season pass, so I'm a little disappointed, is all.

Thu Feb 16 17 04:26pm
(Updated 1 time)

People complain and say Nintendo should get with the times -> the times say you have to release games (sometimes unfinished ones) with DLC/Season Passes -> Nintendo does that -> people complain.

Makes sense to me.

I see that people is still thinking that that games is only worth 60$ Despite AAA games getting more expensive to make.

So 80$ for full game later or 80$ with FREE DLC?
Does that sound better than 60$ + 20$ for Season Pass DLC?
You chose!

It was bad timing. If they would have waited a month after release to announce the DLC, people wouldn't have felt cheated. That said, a lot of fans are overreacting. This is not the first time Nintendo has done DLC. It's also not the first time for a Zelda game having DLC even if it was a spin off.

They waited almost one year to announce the Mario Kart DLC, and there was people angry they didn't say the game was "incomplete and gutted out" before the release, as they wouldn't have bought it... Well, it's what they said at least.
So yeah, there is no "good" timing, they would have been criticised either way.
I have heard people say they should have made this into the main game instead on doing nothing after the delay, as if they didn't work on the game at all between the original release date and now...

Thu Feb 16 17 10:43pm
Rating: 1

I think my biggest problem with this DLC is the announcement itself and how the DLC is wrapped. I dunno, it just doesn't feel like just raw extra content, but rather like a bit of a tactic to squeeze out more money from people. Just not as bad some other companies tend to do it.
Hear me out on this one.

For starters, it's the timing and vagueness of the announcement. They announced it at the optimal time when people are hyped and talking about it. This is the time when people are most likely to buy extra content when it's available. But oopsie, of course it's not available yet.
They totally could've waited until the content has at least taken some form so they could talk about it and show what you get for your money. But no, they rushed this announcement out of the door with only vague promises. They haven't given this much thought at all and basically just want to capitalize on this while the iron is still hot.

But of course people won't buy the DLC when nothing is available yet. They would instead wait until it is available, and they'd lose out on people who buy DLC during the Zelda hype.
So, that brings me to my second point: The bonus chests. They are incredibly easy to make and serve no real purpose. Not a lot of thought went into that and they're placed at the start of the game and virtually useless at the end of the game. They're the ultimate way to entice someone to buy something at launch while having nothing to show for it yet.
And I'm certain Nintendo did this purposely. They knew that people wouldn't buy the DLC Pass as much if there was no enticement to buy it at the start, so they quickly whipped this up, just so that people will get the feeling they'll be wasting these chests if they don't get them at the start.

And my final point is that you can't buy the separate DLC packs. You have the buy them as a pair. You touched upon this in your video, RMC, but I have a slightly different angle here.
If Nintendo really wanted to just offer raw extra content for people to purchase as they see fit, then they would've actually offered the content as-is instead of bundling it together without any choice here. If you want one thing in there, you better pay the full price.
Smash 4, as overpriced as the DLC was, at least offered you a selection. You were able to choose exactly what you wanted. For what it's worth, that actually felt like just raw extra content you can buy and get in your game.

So, in conclusion, I am not against DLC at all, and I'll wait to see if the DLC here will be worth the 20 euros. But I am definitely not happy with the way Nintendo handled this announcement. It just reeks of manipulation and greediness for the reasons I mentioned above, regardless of whether the DLC will be worth 20 euros/dollars or not

Nurio my friend. When posting such a large comment, a TL;DR would be appreciated. That wall of text is to intimidating :p


It feels like Nintendo tries to squeeze as much money out of this for 3 reasons:
1. They announced this at a time of full hype despite the DLC being far from finished. They don't even have something to show for it, so it's clear they rushed the announcement for its very convenient timing.
2. They throw in a meaningless bonus just so that people feel enticed to buy it at launch, when hype is still high
3. You can't pick DLC. It's either all or nothing. So it doesn't feel like just raw extra content I can purchase, like in Smash 4 or MK8

How's that?

Beautiful. Short, concise and easily digested. Thanks.

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