Ultra Street Fighter II - more Way of the Hado screens

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I'm not sure how I feel about this mode. I'm into the game in general, but I need to go hands-on with this mode to see if it's any fun. How's everyone else feeling about this?


This mode looks like a fun little distraction, but that's it.

These screenshots look awful. Even the 2D screenshots have aliasing and look terrible. WTF

I'd wait to see proper screenshots or even see the game in motion, because those screenshots have been heavily compressed and make everything look grainy, which definitely doesn't help alleviate the feeling it's aliased. (I really don't like 4gamer for ruining so many images with their compression)

Looks like a fun mini-game provided they fine tune the controls before launch!! I'm pretty happy about it

it's just a minigame, RMC. What are you supposed to feel about it? xD it's not the main attraction of the game.

This mode looks like pants.

I never expected this, and it's completely unnecessary, so I feel grateful. Hadoken! ;0)

Fri Feb 17 17 03:16pm
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From the initial video.....it seems the motion controls was off a bit...but that may be down to how the developed the game.....it may have been an afterthought.
But still cool though. Smile
I am not into these type of games and this would make me want to try it just to feel.. how the motion controls are. Smile

It's too bad you can't use everyone in first person mode, although I hate to think what you'd have to do for Chun Li's moves.

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