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So much Splatoon. Very happy about that~

I wonder if Nintendo will show off these things in any videos before release, though.

Why bother. Nintendo at this point can't reveal anything you can't see from these videos.

Well, they can show us the eShop. And if they already have videos and such planned, they'd still post them even if the info is out, I am sure. ^^

Why show off an eshop if it's only going to have like 8 games on day 1?

Seriously, why?

Pretty sure I read this guy didn't do the update, so they could, if it include more pictures and themes.

I wish Nintendo would start using the DKC characters more (outside of DK & Diddy) for things like this, merchandising, advertising, etc. Seems like all we can get are references on street signs in New Donk City...

Why do you hate Waluigi, Nintendo? ☹️

So Nintendo DOES know that Metroid exists.

But it's at the end of the list...

I'm surprised there's no Kirby or Fire Emblem.

No Kirby?! They must be kidding!

I see Bowser avatars. I can rest easy now. Smile

No Kirby is a bit odd, considering his games actually sell.

Fri Feb 17 17 06:51am
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I really like how you can choose your background for each icon. It realy brings a new layer of customisation.

Yeah, that caught me by surprise. It's a nice touch for sure.

Fri Feb 17 17 07:33am
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Wow... they really want to vanish Miis from existence. I'm glad, to be honest. That means we won't have any more Mii games. It's funny because the Miis were one of Wii's main attractions. There was the plaza that you could spend hours on, joking around with your friends by making their miis ugly and moving them around... it basically was its own game. Then the Wii U screwed it up by making the Mii Maker a little too complicated. Miis are harder to catalogue now that they're awkwardly placed in shelves instead of walking around a big plaza. And now, the Switch only uses miis for avatar customization. And there's not even a plaza.

Boom. Right to the point. You just build it and that's it. What a time to be alive.

Nah, they're you just giving more options of customization for your avatar and not just your Mii. Mii Plaza was useless, I think they will just focus the Miis for the games and maybe in some social interaction. Miis are still huge for Nintendo.


I feel like they could include A LOT more characters from A LOT of other Nintendo games. Why limit it so much?

We'll probably get more down the road.

because the console is not yet even officially released, probably they will have a lot more online.

Hopefully they will start charging people for the avatars that aren't available yet. Gotta milk their core for every dollar that they can.

Don't yell at me. You know you'll pay $1 for a Geno avatar.

I want a Captain Falcon one, but I'm not going to pay money for that!

I'm not as strong as you... I'd throw money at the screen just for them to admit he exists...

I'd do the same if they gave us a K.Rool, Dixie, Cranky, Funky, or Lanky icon. I'd pay $5 for a DKC icon bundle...

Oh, you'll pay. You will pay with your SOUL.

Oh, that's the first look at BotW Link wearing his greens.

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