Amazon UK offering 1-2-Switch download code for £1.99 (UPDATE)

Pre-order here!

Update - The pre-order option is now unavailable.

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Fri Feb 17 17 09:16am
Rating: 4

Now THAT is a fair price for a tech-demo collection

Dunno what the catch is but just pre-ordered.

Too bad it's only in UK ! I hope the French one will do the same asap !

Seems that's it unavailable now. We got one order in so hopefully it holds. Pretty chuffed at £1.99

Heh. That's not how one spells £19.99, but good luck to those who jumped on!

It's also not how you spell £39.99, the game's price.

That's £20 more than it should be, though ;)

Fri Feb 17 17 09:16am
Rating: 4

Now THAT is a fair price for a tech-demo collection

Most likely an error. Expect refunds shortly.

I hope not as we managed to get an order in just before it became unavailable.

I'd never buy the game at the normal price but £5-10 I'd have considered it, so if this holds and they honour it then I'll be pretty happy.

I'm sorry I just missed it too. Said there were a few available but by the time I got to the next page they were all gone. I too wouldn't pay more than €10 for it. I think it's awful but for £2 I'd buy nearly anything.

Let's hope, but also prepare for the worst. I've had it happen plenty of times where I ordered something that was priced lower than it should, and they just canceled my order

Yeah our order has now been cancelled by Amazon and they emailed us to let us know it was a mistake. It's now listed at £34.99 for a boxed version & £39.99 for a digital code!

They can F**k off! It's bad enough it's priced anything over £10 like others mentioned, but the real insult is that they're asking you to pay £5 more for a digital version, one that has cut out all the retail logistical costs, the packaging costs and the physical game itself. Something that you can sell on if you ever wanted if you have the boxed version, ARE THEY MENTAL!

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