Nintendo confirms theft of a small number of Switch units by employees of a U.S. distributor

Coming from a Nintendo rep...

"Earlier this week, individuals claimed to prematurely purchase a small number of Nintendo Switch systems from an unspecified retailer. Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a U.S. distributor, with one system being illegally resold. The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges.

Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017, and we look forward to everyone being able to discover the wonders of the new system for themselves at that time."

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Sat Feb 18 17 09:12pm
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The statement is a rollercoaster of emotions

>The thieves' jobs have been terminated and are under investigation!!!!

>Switch comes out on March 3. We hope you enjoy it =D!

Yum. These just desserts are delicious.

As much as I know the second half of this press statement is just an ad... it still gets me super pumped for the switch!!!! 13 days!!!

Did they forget the consoles have serial numbers?

One does not simply steal a Switch and get away with it.

So this does at least correlate well with Hiphoprobot's update regarding the Switch he got being stolen goods (again, at least all that happened to him was Nintendo just asked to have the stolen system back, he'll either have to get his money back from whomever sold him the console or see if Nintendo is shipping him a new Switch come launch). As for the people who did steal the systems, well now you're just getting your just desserts.

Sat Feb 18 17 08:48pm
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What a bunch of stingy monsters! Good thing that Nintendo took care of it.

I do think what they did was bad, but... how is it stingy?

It's just like with GameStop employees, lying to your face about certain items or games in stock.

Yeah because stealing and not paying for items is TOTALLY the same as lying. The police should be called for every criminal act Gamestop employees do!

Sat Feb 18 17 08:53pm
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Funny how justice changes shape based on how it effects you. Nintendo removes a fangame: "SCREW U NINTY FOR RUINING OUR FUN!"
Nintendo goes after people who steal Switch consoles before launch date: "SCREW THOSE PEOPLE FOR STEALING AND GETTING A CONSOLE BEFORE ME."

See examples below of people condeming one action and approving of the other.

Whether they got a Switch before me or not, I'm glad the thieves got busted

Sat Feb 18 17 09:32pm
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what you want? People are waiting inpatiently and someone just steal them
Besides not everyone cares about fangames like claiming they are better the original games or Nintendo games that is so dumb.

Sat Feb 18 17 09:33pm
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Getting the console before us means nothing if they don't have games... It's the simple fact that stealing is wrong that get most of us.
Also, we (well, at least I) wouldn't get angry if they really bought it early. Like I said, they didn't even have games. Not like they could have enjoyed it a lot.

Sun Feb 19 17 12:25am
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One thing is a way for many fans to express their love for a franchise, and allowed by some other game companies.

The other one is outright theft of a product from a company. As a supporter of fan games, I can also say that I don't care about the system making its way out into then wild early. But the fact that these were actually STOLEN from a distributor and at least one was sold for profit, causes me to have no sympathy for those involved.

No matter your feelings towards fan games, stealing and selling a console from Nintendo =/= coding or hacking a fan game for a franchise you love. One is a ways for fans to artistically express their appreciation for what Nintendo has built. One isn't.

And also, you haven't shown any proof that the same people who are cheering this news are the same people who jeer Nintendo's treatment of fan games. Without it, you can't really scream "HYPOCRISY":

Sun Feb 19 17 07:29am
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The only thing annoying about fan games are the silly complaints that appear when a company decides to take them down. Creators of those games know what their are in for. So complaining afterwards is unnecessary and kinda stupid. Companies have the right (and duty) to protect their property and if they don't want others to use the property for their own projects people simple have to accept that. No point whining.

And also, you haven't shown any proof that the same people who are cheering this news are the same people who jeer Nintendo's treatment of fan games. Without it, you can't really scream "HYPOCRISY"
It surprises me how many times this happens here on GoNintendo. Quite often have I seen people call hypocrisy just because they see two different opinions or two different standards from different people. And any time I point out that isn't hypocrisy, they apparently don't care and keep going

Yeeeaah but I was never screaming HYPOCRISY. At most I was just musing.
I think the triggered reactions are a bit telling though...

Sun Feb 19 17 10:46am
(Updated 1 time)

I'd say the fact that you decided to focus on how I say you were saying hypocrisy, rather then the issues raised regarding the fallibility of your argument, is what's telling here. But either way, I've said my piece, you didn't bother to try to show any proof of hypocrisy, so I'm satisfied. I think I'll leave things here. :D

Well, for one, you are walking proof. You already rationalize how theft of IP is not theft but in fact some expression of love... Which honestly I think someone who gets a system early, can't play any games, but does unboxing videos and stuff like that definitely shows they also love the product/company. But it also doesn't benefit you at all... So good on Nintendo for rectifying that. But the fangame DID benefit you so screw Nintendo for ruining everyone's fun by rectifying it.

But hey... That's mob mentality for you... Also passionate yet inconsistent.

Sun Feb 19 17 04:32pm
(Updated 2 times)

So, I was going to ignore this...until you made some assertions about me that I feel the urge to clarify. So...a few more things. I support people having the ability to make Nintendo fan games, but not because I get any kind of a"benefit" out of them. I've never actually played a Nintendo fan game. I've heard good things about some of the projects, but I've little motivation to play AMR2 when I already have the original on my 3DS. Personally, I'd only be interested in a remake I can play on a Nintendo portable without jail breaking it.

I support fan games because they have proven to not only be harmless, but can also lead to people getting professional careers. That upcoming Sonic Mania game is being made by a fan game designer. His work so impressed the people at SEGA that they actually went ahead and hired him, and now he is doing great work with them. Freedom Planet likewise started as a Sonic fan game. Who knows what that AMR2 guy is gonna go on to do? Maybe he's gonna go on to design a Metroidvania style game that we will all be able to play on our Switchs some day. And on top of that, most of them are crap, or at least lower quality then what Nintendo themselves puts out. This is true for most fan works in general. The few that aren't are often scratching certain itches within the fan community that Nintendo doesn't seem to have any interest in. Like that AMR2 game, or that Psycho Waluigi game. Some people have been wanting a graphical update to Metroid 2, or a game that stars Waluigi. Not enough for Nintendo to spend money on a project, but enough for a few impassioned fans to go ahead and do it. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. And if Nintendo ever does decide to make a Metroid 2 remake or Waluigi game, it will surely be of higher quality than these releases were.

And I already said I don't care the guy got his Switch early. I thought it was kind of neat, actually. I ALMOST watched the videos he posted (which would have translated to benefitting from it, FYI) but I decided not to spoil it for myself, since it's not every year I can open up a brand new console.

The problem here is that it was literally stolen from a distributor and sold for profit. That is, at a bare minimum, a criminal misdemeanor (thouh given multiple Switchs were stolen, it could easily have been a felony). This is somehing the thieves could literally go to jail for. And as I said before, I got no sympathy for these people. And that wouldn't change even if I've had the Switch in my hands for two years. That said, I hope the guy who made the video didn't know. I hope he doesn't get punished if he didn't know. Hell, I hope Nintendo sends him a Switch, given that he was cooperative. Your right: the video also surely showed a lot of love for Nintendo (again, wouldn't know, didn't watch).

But there is a world of difference between making a fan game tribute and releasing it for free, and committing a misdemeanor/felony crime by stealing several game consoles from a distributor you work for, and selling them for profit.

And I am not only not walking proof, but you still have absolutely no proof for your hypocrisy claim. I mean, even if you want to ignore everything I said, dismiss all the nuances, fact is I didn't say anything until AFTER you complained about hypocrisy that, as far as you've been able to prove, doesn't exist outside of me (though I don't think you've made a compelling case for me either).

Theft is theft. It's also strange you seem to have such strong opinions about fangames but never actually played one.

Yes, yes, all those filthy fans who steal Nintendo's IPs to put into non-profit art, games, films and comics are the scum of the earth, equal to those who steal physical property from Nintendo to sell for profit!

I have strong opinions for fan work in general. I first cut my teeth as a writer of fan comics for a property that already has official comics, and as an article writer for fan websites. The stuff was shit, but it helped me get better, and now I've recently graduated with a journalism degree and I'm working on an original web comic with an artist friend (who used to be a fan artist). I was a part of these fan communities for years, and I've seen the passion that goes into fan works, whether it's art or games or film or whatever, and it breaks my heart when people just chock it all up to IP theft . And to equate it to stealing stuff from Nintendo and selling it for profit, well....that's even worse.

I know Nintendo has every right to tells their fans not to make anything, including fan games. They could ban every fan related work and it wouldn't affect me in the slightest, because I don't even do any of tha stuff anymore, and when I did it wasn't Nintendo. I just think they are doing themselves and their fans a disservice when they do.

Not really. Creators do themselves a disservice by putting so much energy and work into something that isn't even there's. My hats off to Freedom Planet because it realize it could make something substantial all on it's own instead of finishing as a fangame.
Not to mention the creators themselves seem to always handle takedowns very gracefully and never blame Nintendo.

Again, my comments aren't about the severity of stealing or lack thereof but instead about public perception of these events.

Sun Feb 19 17 03:55pm
(Updated 1 time)

Lets go back to your first comment, and lets pretend Nintendo doesn't stop any theft.
Thefts will just continue and there wouldn't even be profits for nintendo, is that a right logic?
Nintendo working for free, while millions preordered it already and yet it is ok for the thieves to steal switches, it is ok and get away with it.
What is wrong with preventing thefts besides anyone getting it first? Nobody ever mentioned it is good or bad because he got it first, I personally don't care who gets it first because I know I will get it at some point.
And Yet this is more important than the fangames that Nintendo shut down, when in fact I will never jailbreak my 3dses just to play a low quality fangame and most reviews say they are crappy games, but delusional people will be crying because nintendo shut those unlicensed games

Yet Ninendo needs to be working for free and allowing thieves to steal their products with no consequences whatsoever and in the other hand millions preordered it already but screw them because a thief is supposed to get it first.

I'm saying they are both wrong and drawing attention to the fact that fans pat Nintendo on the back for one thing while cursing Nintendo for the other.

Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to imply that. I really was just saying my own thing based on that very short snippet I cut out, without any intent to imply what that means about you

It's pretty common on the internet in general, I think. I think some people are so desperate to delegitimize a group or point of view they don't like, that they will seize on any "general community" reaction that they think contradicts it, to show that it isn't about the issue, but just about "hating Nintendo" or something else equally simple and silly. Certainly, there are those within the Nintendo fan community that seem to have a persecution complex(EVERYONE HATES NINTENDO), but I've seen that in plenty of other fandoms, including PlayStation and Xbox fans.

That said, I also acknowledge that hypocrisy can be a thing in these situations. But that's something you can really only claim on an individual basis.

Sat Feb 18 17 09:12pm
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The statement is a rollercoaster of emotions

>The thieves' jobs have been terminated and are under investigation!!!!

>Switch comes out on March 3. We hope you enjoy it =D!

Turning lemons into lemonade. In this case turning a theft into PR gold.

Sat Feb 18 17 09:53pm
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Sun Feb 19 17 12:12am
Rating: 1

Wow its weird this information is not widely known.

Yeah, me too. That was very interesting! Great of them to have made this system for everyone.

Nintendo tends to have a history that products are often stolen form them. So nothing new here...

I wonder if this says something about Nintendo's security or the guts of the most passionate 'fans'

If you know Nintendo a lot, then you would know that most of the time, their systems have been stolen one way or another and this isn't a surprise either.

I'm just saying it casually because people don't seem to know this.

Nintendo had issues with Yakuza back then when releasing NES and SNES. They had stolen Wii and Wii Us being reported. So having something like the Switch stolen when you consider the theft history that Nintendo has experienced is something to expect or at the very least be aware of.

Well handled Nintendo! 12 days to go!!

Sun Feb 19 17 05:32am
(Updated 1 time)

Knew it from the start it was illegal. Well those ppl knew what there were doing & its good they got caught like I stated before.

The Nintendo Ninjas don't play that crap.

I wonder if Foxxcon employees get fired after every Apple leak.


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