Todd Howard (Bethesda) won't say if Skyrim for Switch is based on original or remaster

This snippet comes from a Polygon article...

''As far as future projects, Howard is tight-lipped. He says the company's next games will please fans, but offers few specifics, other than generally praising Fallout 4 on VR, mobile game The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Skyrim coming to Nintendo Switch. On the latter, he “can’t say” whether the original Skyrim or the 2015 remaster will be released.''

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Wed Feb 22 17 07:54pm
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If it's the original it will not sell. That simple.

Hoping for the remastered version, however I wouldn't be surprised if we got the original version with improved framerate, less bugs, etc. I wonder if the Switch version will include any mods.

i think they already said no mods

People far more knowledgeable than the average reader have noted that it does look far better than the original version, so at the very least, it won't be the original 360/ps3 version. It will be touched up to some extent

If it's the original version, then it doesn't really matter when they end up revealing that fact. People are going to get just as annoyed about it finding out now, compared waiting until it's released.

Wed Feb 22 17 07:54pm
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If it's the original it will not sell. That simple.

Damn straight, I've been very interested, having never played it but if it is the original and not the remaster/special addition, they lost my sale.

Look. Personally I wont get it anyway since I tried it and it bored me to tears. Ok, I MIGHT give it another test run just to see what all the blah blah is about. But then it has to be the remastered version. I can get the original for my xbox 360 whenever I wish for a very cheap price.

But this is not about me, but the masses. If they actually release the original, which is a ratver olf game now, for Switch for full price... well logic dictates that it will not sell.

Hopefully remaster. Otherwise, it's probably going to be the Mass Effect Trilogy all over again...

Wed Feb 22 17 08:59pm
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Even if it's the original, it's still impressive to have Skyrim on a handheld.

Problem is having the SE out has taken the wind out of this version's sails immediately. If this was the only new version to launch in the last few years, I imagine a lot of people would have been pumped to revisit it on a new handheld but if you love Skyrim or games like it, chances are you've had ample time to play the remaster that came out last year. Is handheld Skyrim a big enough draw for them to go back to it again in such a short amount of time, presumably with less features and worse visuals to boot? Probably not. That leaves the Nintendo hardcore fans who may have never had the opportunity to play it so we'll see how that plays out. Maybe BotW will start a hunger that they'll go to Skyrim to satiate, who knows.

Ideally Nintendo should have thrown some of that Wii money Bethesda's way and got the next Elder Scrolls on Switch as a timed exclusive, or even just get an exclusive new ES game on a less grand scale. Either would have had far, far more impact than a repackaged 2011 game, and impact is what Nintendo needs.

If it's the original, I hope they don't bitch when it doesn't sell. I don't know why some feel like people who buy Nintendo systems are like the Amish or some tribe in the jungle that's been untouched by civilization.

If it's the original then I guess I'll be waiting for a major price drop before I even consider it. I already got the special edition free on Steam last year thanks to the fact I already owned the vanilla edition with all the DLC, the biggest appeal to getting it on Switch would be the "on the go" aspect. if it is special edition I'll consider getting it sooner rather than later, but if it's the original then yeah I'm not even gonna consider buying it until I see it for like less than $20.

The way I take this comment is if it was the remastered version they would've just came out and said it. So I'm assuming it's the original game ported to Switch maybe with a few bug fixes. If that's the case than the prophecy continues...

I've lost trust in Western AAA 3rd Party developers for Nintendo consoles (even when they make games I love, there's still something scummy about them - like EA admitting that the My Sims series were just cheap fillers between their main games), BUT I still hope comments like these may refer to something better...
Like a custom built version for the Switch, with exclusive content.

It's a long-shot dream, but it's not impossible.
If they knew good business, they'd try to get Nintendo fans and "casuals" (not referring to unskilled mobile players - but people who simply don't game often enough to explore other consoles) on their boat. Because once you get them, they're pretty darn loyal to your series.

It's obviously not the remastered version. They would've explicitly said it otherwise and wrote it in the title, which is not there.

I'm quite sure I saw a discussion where they saw that there were elements in the Switch version which are only in the remaster. I suppose they based it on the new version, but downgraded it, took away mods and so on, so that calling it "remaster" would cause confusion and/or angry fans.

He's under nda.
We already know for sure that it's not the original.

Well, we already know it's not the original, but I guess saying it's a Custom build sounds worse than the Remaster?

Hopefully just a PR blip and optimization makes the Switch and Remastered version comparisons near moot [otherwise, sales will be affected...]

So? Has anyone on here heard of the YouTuber Blunty? He actually had a whole video as to why he thinks it's possible the Switch overtakes the PS4 as the must have console and part of his reasoning was that if graphics are truely all you care about then you should be playing it on PC anyway. But mobility offers so much more than just a minor texture upgrades that if you're buying it for a console there should be no hesitation. Switch is superior since you can take it on the go.

No remaster, no sale.


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