A look at Nintendo's E3 2017 floor plans

You can bet Nintendo is going to have a major presence at this year's E3. Floor plans have surfaced online, and Nintendo is grabbing roughly 32,000 square feet of space. This is about equal to what Nintendo did last year with Breath of the Wild. No official word on whether Nintendo will be grabbing a theater yet or not. Thanks to Lightvisions for the heads up!

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Sun Feb 26 17 01:39pm
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"CONFIDENTAL, Not for Distribution"

Well there goes that.

Whoever leaked it could have at least blanked out the emails and phone numbers :/

*counts in fingers*

Holy crap, E3 is in less than 4 months! Time sure flies.

So pumped! Nintendo's strategy of combining handheld and console development resources is surely going to result in a nice cadence of big titles for the Switch. Probably will be helpful for 3rd parties too. Only one Nintendo platform to develop for.

Anyone got tickets to go? Wife and I were going to go, but after calculating expenses the trip woulds have been roughly $2000 - $3000, including E3 tickets. We live in Florida. Close to Orlando.

If you want to go and don't want to fork out the cost of the public tickets, most ESA companies have prosumer passes to give away. Most of them at this point hold some sort of contest on their social media, so you've got a couple months to keep your eyes peeled.

Not to sound like a total Noob, what is ESA? Is it Electronic Software Association? It would be great to win tickets. Our biggest expense is actually, hotel stay and how we travel. Whether it is car rental, bus, or plane, it adds up fast.

Sun Feb 26 17 09:42pm
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Close. It stands for "Entertainment Software Association"

Thank you for the clarity T27DUCK

Close -- Entertainment Software Association (http://www.theesa.com/about-esa/overview/). In short, they're a large collection of video game companies that have mutual interests; the ESA is also responsible for the E3 show.

Very excited for E3 this year! Hope to see some surprise titles hit the Switch! Like F Zero!

All I want from Nintendo from E3 this year is a Smash Bros port announcement (so I can finally get rid of my Wii U) and Retro Studios game announced. Those are the only two things I hope to see. (Though a 3rd Luigi's Mansion would be nice too..)


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