The Sun calls 1-2 Switch's cow milking game a "sex act simulator"

"Nintendo Switch games lineup includes a VERY suggestive ‘sex act simulator’". That's the title of an article coming from The Sun about 1-2 Switch. I mean, The Sun is always known for sensationalizing things, but this is really above and beyond. Are we really going to cause this controversy about 1-2 Switch? Well, I guess any publicity is good publicity, as they say.

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Mon Feb 27 17 02:53pm
Rating: 16

The journalist shouldn't be anywhere near cows.

You know what they say, Any publicity is good publicity :P

Mon Feb 27 17 02:53pm
Rating: 16

The journalist shouldn't be anywhere near cows.

Apparently, t27duck and thydungeonman shouldn't either! lol

Show me where they touched you on this Cow doll!

Seriously, though, really? :/ This is getting sad.

cipher dx
Mon Feb 27 17 02:55pm
Rating: 1

Most of The Sun's readers are too thick to know what a "sex act simulator" is, to be honest.

Snipperclips is way more sexual imo.

Right? When I saw that coming by in the sizzle reel during the Switch presentation -- and without knowing what kind of game it was -- I thought it looked pretty darn sexual. Especially with those expressions and those noises they make

I mean, Breath of the Wild Link is pretty much sex, so...

I hate to side with The Sun on anything, but milking a cow is literally the most suggestive "innocent" action one can make, just before "checking the mango is ripe" and "slapping a dwarf in the face". There's no way Nintendo didn't realise this.

These people should stop saying stupid things about mini games Nintendo has put out. I didn't see anything that was inappropriate.

Mon Feb 27 17 03:27pm
Rating: 2

Glad i'm not the only one that gets turned on by milking cows.

Its not an inherent sex act simulator, but lets not play dumb; we all sorta knew how suggestive this gesture was, thats why it was funny to us.

Why cant they call it a juice shaking simulator?

How would the writer know that milking a cow is sexual, hmmmmmmm?

Wait until Senran Kagura comes out

Finally someone was blunt enough to see this minigame for what it was. Laughing

Oy, I should be applying for one of these "professional" news outlets if apparently they're letting in random Internet commentators to do the writing job!

Wow. This is more explicit than Luigi humping dresser drawers with an enthusiastic "Oh yeah!" in the original Luigi's Mansion and mushroom-like Gyroids that look way too happy when they greet you at your front door in Animal Crossing.

If that's how they sex, they should see a doctor.

Milking a cow is NOTHING LIKE having sex with a cow.

What about a bull?



those billionaires just can never shut up

still, that's one game , I'll be sure to just never play with... probably anyone lol. I understand innuendo is a key part of the youth culture, but come on

>The Sun

Aren't those guys an infamous tabloid type publication?

Yes the worst kind. Back in the 80s they helped cover up police negligence in the Hillsborough football stadium disaster, where 96 people died, by blaming the fans for the incident. They're owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same guy who owns Fox news.

If you see "sex act" where none is implied, your mind is diseased.

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