Cave Story, 1,001 Spikes confirmed for Switch

Nicalis kept teasing these games, but the time for teasing is over. Nintendo's Nindies event has confirmed that both Cave Story and 1,001 Spikes are making the jump to Switch. No word on release date, but let's hope both are soon!

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Tue Feb 28 17 01:29pm
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I loveeee that you keep posting more and more Indie games that weren't even mentioned in the 'Nindies Direct' presentation.

Keep 'em coming!!!!

(Oh, and hurry up March 3rd!!) :P

A Cave Story Indy game sounds interesting.

Both coming in 2019 [US], and Europe [Never] ;)


So, with all the games announced/confirmed in the last day or so, it's clear indies are going to be doing their part on the Switch, and Nintendo is hopefully going to releasing new Switch versions of all the franchise games we expect to see. It's only the AAA third parties that aren't onboard yet, which is obviously a pretty huge issue right now

It's an uphill battle. At the very least starting with indies will help the Switch portable aspect, since most of those games will likely run longer than Zelda on portable mode, are a cheaper trial run of that HD rumble, and several of the ones mentioned have local coop.

After March ends I suppose we'll hear how appealing the Switch is for bigger development teams.

Physical Version was teased, I'd buy the shit out of that!


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