Friend Codes return on Switch

As you can see, Friend Codes have returned on the Switch. There are other ways to add a friend, but right now it seems Friend Codes are a main method. The one thing I want to point out is that we don't know how the online app will play into this, plus the social media aspect. There might be other methods to add friends using both, but seeing Friend Codes here is a bit discouraging.

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the opponent
Thu Mar 02 17 07:48am
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Y'all are overreacting.

f***ing hell, Nintendo, like-- c'mon

Thu Mar 02 17 07:11am
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It's not clear if that person set up a user id on his nintendo account.
But the main method seems to be the recommendations from your social media anyway.

Edit: Reggie said there were no friend codes on the switch, this was in January.
There's definitely something else to the story, maybe the user didn't have an id set.

inb4angry mob coming back

This is absolutely amazing. Incredible.

Thu Mar 02 17 07:15am
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I swear it seems Friends Code hurt some people based on the negativity they get whenever there name is mention. Like when it was announced FE: H had Friend Codes even tho every mobile Japanese gacha game has Friend Codes. Just like the Wii U, Friend Codes are now just a second option to add your friends..... don't use them if you don't want them....is not hard..

Why would Nintendo even call them "friend codes" when people have such an immediate negative reaction to them? It just shows how tone deaf Nintendo can be. Oh well, at least it isn't a unique code per game...... right??

Thu Mar 02 17 07:27am
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Should have went with the podcast crew's suggestion and called them "Chumbers."

Then everyone would be happy.

fred duck
Thu Mar 02 17 07:48am
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You're going to party like it's 2006. Nintendo loves nostalgia.

the opponent
Thu Mar 02 17 07:48am
Rating: 9

Y'all are overreacting.

Thu Mar 02 17 07:53am
Rating: 4

Just when you think Nintendo learned how the internet works, they decide to bring back THE THING that turns them back into a laughing stock in the game industry regarding online.

I like now we're going to be PAYING for online play and not be able to simply tell a person a simple username. Nope, gotta use an over complicated number that no one can remember.

What's the point in pushing hard with parental controls if they're just going to force their initial attempt at keeping kids safe onto everyone anyway?

Two Nintendo-sized steps forward, one Nintendo-sized step back.

Guys? You don't have to use friend code. We have other options.

Shhh. With Zelda getting nothing but 10s, we need to complain about something today.

Really weird considering the Wii U allowed adding by NNID. Wonder why the change. To be fair though, it's only one choice of 4. They still should have an option for that though.

It's not the only option. Let's wait for more info.

I wonder if this is because NNID wasn't linked or other social media? I'll wait a bit before getting angry.

That seems like the wise thing to do. I'm gonna wait before making any judgments as well, though I don't think I'll get angry either way =P

Perhaps it's a way of adding someone that doesn't have a Switch yet as a Friend? Say adding someone that only has a 3DS or WiiU to your Friends List.

You mean, you'd enter someone's 3DS or Wii U friend code (that's linked to an NNID that's subsequently linked to a Nintendo account) in there? I somehow doubt it, because that'd be more impressive (and convoluted) than actually entering someone's User ID, which you can't do.

1 step forward... 3 steps back

So, fans rejoined when Nintendo got rid of friend codes with the 3DS, it was such a big deal that they actually marketed it. So they bring them back?

You meant Wii U, right? 3DS still has friend codes, albeit only one friend code to remember. The DS and Wii both got it all wrong with each and every online game utilizing separate friend codes... I remember being incredibly thrilled back in the day when the 3DS's way of doing friend codes was mentioned.

Yes, Wii U. Whatever.

The Switch right now is a beta product that will be ready for Christmas time. Nintendo kept the online capabilities hidden because they are simply not ready/complete. Even the eShop is half backed. The Friend Code system is just a temporary solution, I hope. Let's see what happens when they release the infamous smartphone app and start charging for the service.

I love Nintendo but it seems like everyday closer to Switch's release something else comes out that makes me worried or upset that I pre-ordered this console.

I was GOING to get upset... but then I saw you can add friends from Miitomo (which links to twitter) and mario run which pretty much makes this moot.

The thing with Friend Codes is they're tied to a console (like a MAC address), you end up having to re-add all those friend codes over again if you lose or break your system. Luckilly, it lets you link your Nintendo Network ID, so hopefully all the friends already added on that account and Miiverse carries over. I think it's because Miiverse is not (yet) there, which is like a forum that allowed us to simply search/add usernames, that we end up with the bare Friend Codes system.
I suggest we wait for more details before the internet explodes (ope, too late).

Thu Mar 02 17 01:57pm
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Add via Miitomo/Mario Run
Add locally
Add via game
Take a screenshot of your Friend Code & share it with people (you just have to accept, you don't need their codes)
Save the code or screenshot in your phone

I agree this is archaic and unnecessary when we have Nintendo Accounts & NNIDs, but it is literally no different from exchanging a phone number, and we have technology with us all day making it easier to just have the code on hand. There is no need for memorizing & entering a code is no longer than entering a name.

I don't agree with this kind of idiocy on their part, but people are overreacting a little too much over this.


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