Switch, Zelda: Breath of the Wild set sales records for Nintendo in the Americas

The following info comes from Reggie Fils-Aime, who talked to NY Times reporter, Nick Wingfield...

- Switch beat out first two-day sales in the Americas for any system in Nintendo’s history
- Wii sold over 600,000 units in the first eight days in the Americas
- specific figures for Switch sales were not given
- Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the best-selling launch title of any Nintendo console
- specific figures for Breath of the Wild sales were not given

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I wouldn't have guessed it would do better than Wii. Would have laughed at the idea, quite frankly. But this is very good news. NoA clearly got launch marketing right; hopefully they can get continuing it and building momentum right.

I cam here to literally share the same exact sentiments. If I was told, the day before launch, that it would outpace the Wii in sales for it's first days I would have laughed long and hard to the sheer idea of it.

I mean, I am a major Nintendo fan, but honestly that would been a wet dream in any way you stretch it. This has been an impressive launch. Not only for Nintendo's standards, but in gaming in general.

Having a Zelda at launch did help. i wouldn't they're marketing has improve and it doesn't really matter if you actually have an epic Launch title.

...Okay, after the UK sales thing, this caught me off guard. O_o

Mon Mar 06 17 06:41pm
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That is great news! Nintendo did a great job marketing it in NA with the Super Bowl commercial, movie ads etc. Of course I expect sales to slow down until the holidays. The holidays is where we can see if the Switch will truly successful or not.

Now lets see how someone can spin this news into a negative.

From what I recall, the Wii didn't hit it's stride until a bit after launch. While this is fantastic news, Nintendo has to keep the momentum up. They need to advertise as heavily as they have been all the way through the Holidays.

The Switch's secret weapon may be that it's a portable device...in that people will see it out in the public and spread through word of mouth faster than any other console normally would.

Wii was an instant sellout as well, with lines and waitlists for each new shipment right after launch, high prices on eBay, etc...

But anyway, I agree, they need to keep it up and keep marketing the system just like they are doing. Don't let up and try to ride this wave right through Christmas!

Great news for Switch in NA! I think NoA has done a great job so far with their initial push.

Woot woot! Props Nintendo. Keep it going.

Mon Mar 06 17 07:04pm
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This. In general more people know about the Switch than I thought. I teach 4th grade and several of my students were talking about the Switch today and actually knew what it was. They talk about pokemon all the time, but never Nintendo directly. That all changed today. I think the advertising has been really well done and I hope it continues. I'm going to wait to get mine until around September, but I can't wait to see what the final numbers are. Great job Mr. Bowser and team!

Beats Wii numbers in March compared to November month release that's insane. Very good news for Nintendo.

That's fantastic!
From my friends' reaction I can tell that Nintendo got a lot of things right this time - they were all very interested (and some of them are going to buy one now).

Great for Ninty. I knew once they announced the Super Bowl would have there Ad. They would break launch numbers. I don't think it would have been a successful Super Bowl Ad if they had did it for the Wii U launch. I really enjoy our Wii U, but the messaging was really unclear. Since most casuals would be watching the game, they wouldn't understand how the Wii U works within 30 seconds.

This is great news. It's sold out everywhere and online prices are ridiculous with these scalpers. I hope Nintendo restocks often so they can maintain this momentum throughout the year. They also need to keep advertising.

Mon Mar 06 17 09:08pm
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Hopefully this draws more third-parties to the Switch. The concept of the Switch is simple. Being able to play actual console level games on the go is really appealing. I already have a powerful PC which can play so many multi-platforms (and better than any console out there) so portability is really the extra draw. If FFXV came out on the PC and the Switch for example...I may very well get the Switch version even if the graphics took a hit.


Now I need to find out why my Switch won't connect to the internet past 5 feet from my modem... Anyone else having this issue?

I've heard some people are having a rough time with the internet. Personally mine's been solid considering I'm borrowing my neighbor's 3-4 walls over. Managed to download Zelda.

That sucks, but I have to say that I've had no problem with mine whatsoever [with my router downstairs and through two walls to my Switch unit in my room].

I feel I was owed it after hours o 1) trying to connect my Wii U to my router and 2) then having to d/l that Day 1 update. I would've been Pissed to have had to go through it again.

That's weird... I've had no problems with my connection at all... not that I've used it for much beyond downloading Shovel Knight.

On a related note, I've also had no problems with my Joy-Cons, and I sit a good five feet away and use them like a Wii-mote/nunchuck combo.

Leave it to NoA to not reveal sales numbers for launch sales....

I mean they haven't revealed sale figures for Birthright and Conquest.

But Nintendo is still doomed right?

Wii sold 600,000 in the first 8 days? Surely with the better supply the Switch seems to have along with the hype it can break that.


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