Zelda: Breath of the Wild devs on changing the series' norms, missing Iwata during the dev process

Coming from a New Yorker interview with game’s director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi...

“They said, ‘Change anything you want.’ So we wrote down all of the stress points, the things that make Zelda games less enjoyable, and we replaced them with new ideas.

When Iwata passed away, there were moments we’d come up with an idea which we’d be excited to talk to Iwata about. Then we’d remember he was no longer here. Miyamoto told me it was the same for him. He’d come up with an idea at the weekend and would feel excited to speak to Iwata about it on Monday, only to remember. The sadness runs deep. This is approaching spiritual talk, but we had the sense that he was watching over our work. That became a source of motivation, a drive for us to improve and be better."

Coming from technical director, Takuhiro Dohta...

"At many times in the process, there were things that just weren’t functioning at all. We’d have to remove everything and build back up again."


How back the tears ol' boy...

Man. Iwata was just something special. I still miss him a ton. I find it touching that they basically did the best they could and attribute it to Iwata watching over them. That's pretty beautiful to me.

Can't help but find it endearing that he seemed hesitant to speak of the after life, but still expressed how they liked to think Iwata is watching them. I'm not a religious man. But I would like to think the same about my loved ones.

Thu Mar 09 17 09:33am
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There is a difference between religion and belief. Don't let them be entirely inclusive to one another when thinking this way.

I grew up in a hugely Catholic family, because of their one-sided views I became staunchly anti-religious, but I strongly believe a few family members watch over me that actually cared. That sort of feeling is surreal.

I miss Iwata. He wasn't perfect, but he was the ONLY major video game company head I can think of, who was actually a developer and gamer himself. He understood games, he understood gamers, and he was by all accounts, very personable, humble, and brilliant. There will never be another like him.

And he made the best and most charming Wii-U unboxing. :c

It's still hard to believe he's gone, even after all this time. He is sorely missed.

Damn....after so long, I still can't ignore Iwata-San....Sad

Thu Mar 09 17 05:38am
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This is incredibly sad Sad

However, I'm very happy for the devs that Zelda is reviewing so well. I would imagine that they'd feel like they would be doing Iwata proud.

The Zelda team did Mr. Iwata proud.

Sort of choked me up a little reading that. Iwata is irreplaceable, but at least he lives on in the impact he's had on Nintendo, its developers, and gamers.

Well, if anything Breath of the Wild is a very Iwata-esque Zelda game. So I guess he's definitely still there somewhere in Nintendo's DNA.

Thu Mar 09 17 05:36pm
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Iwata was too good for this industry. I'l never forgive the disgraceful way everyone acted towards him in his final month, regardless of whether or not we could've seen his death coming. How quickly you realize what you had once you lose it.

We lost a major influence for good in video games that day, and I myself lost a majority of my faith in gaming culture. It's shameful that many people only started to recognize his contributions after the fact, when in the months leading up to it, forums and social media were flooded with #FireIwata.


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