Factor 5 rises from the ashes, reacquires Turrican license, gives insight into Switch development

The following comes from Julian Eggebrecht, Co-Founder of Factor 5...

- Switch is performance wise between Wii U and Xbox One
- developing is as easy or even easier than on PS4
- all modern GPU Standards
- they got all rights back to Turrican

Seems like Eggebrecht knows a good deal about the Switch, and it's obvious they're working on the system. Can't wait to see what they're doing!

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Talk about rising from the grave, wow.

I'd love for them to collaborate with Disney to get the Rogue games on Virtual Console.

Wed Mar 15 17 03:39pm
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Jesus, hope for Rogue Squadron games lives on!! Please please please!

Eh... there's that whole "EA holds the Star Wars game license" issue.

But maybe! I kinda hope for this, too.


Wed Mar 15 17 04:42pm
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Factor 5 Germany, to my knowledge, never went anywhere. It's the American branch that went away (the guys behind Rogue Squadron and Lair among other games). The German Branch is separate and had nothing to do with the Star Wars games afaik.

EDIT: My bad I didn't know the German branch had closed two years after the US one did.

So the NS is between U and XO? Who would have thought????

Anyway... what abour a Rogue Squadron game on the go? You know, for Switch... exclusive...

EA has the rights to make Star Wars games, so that's not happening for many years.

I know that already. Just playing with odd ideas. If Ninty and F5 can make that special deal... it's not like Battlefront will end up on Switch anyway.

maybe they will give us that edgy kid icarus sequel we were asking since never :v, just kidding, i really hope to see thier future proyect succed, specialy in Switch

That's great news to see that they're back. I'd love to see what they could really make the Switch hardware do.

I'd be happy to throw some money their way in a Kickstarter if they needed a little help funding their project. They were a fantastic developer, and it's a shame that we ever lost them.

I feel like Nintendo should have acquired them when they were at the top of their game, honestly.

And then everyone important working there would have quit and gone in another company or made their own. Iwata said it, buying studios is rarely usefull, especially western ones, as the important people often take the opportunity to quit, so they almost always bleed out of their talents.

Yeah, it has to be something the team wants or you get what you saw with Rare. Of course. It worked for Monolithsoft because Monolithsoft was all about working for Nintendo. I guess Factor 5 being a studio that liked to push technical boundaries might have not been a good fit for Nintendo Wii development at the time, but perhaps they would have preferred it to their studio going belly up. We do know they worked on a very promising Rogue Squadron trilogy for Wii that was never released after Lair flopped, so maybe the employees wouldn't have minded being a Nintendo first party. Who knows.

I personally think a studio like Silicon Knights is straight up foolish for throwing what they had with Nintendo away though.

Thu Mar 16 17 08:32pm
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Well, distancing themselves from Nintendo was their decision at the time. So yeah, an acquisition at that time would have been most probably catastrophic, and after Lair flopped, it wasn't attractive anymore (and some people had already quit anyway). We will never know what might have been, but I doubt it would have been that much better, sadly.

Fri Mar 17 17 03:01am
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I'm rooting for this new Factor 5, even if they are more along the lines of a smaller indie company. The fact that they have the rights to Turrican is pretty neat. That might be the perfect place to start. I'd go for a Turrican revival about now, even though I was pretty terrible at it. Hah.

Same here. I'll be keeping a close watch on them! :D

Hell, bring all Nes & Snes game series to the Switch & continue the story! Every dev should do this as I would not mind it.

I want a new Rogue Squadron game so badly! Some how get it done!

Wed Mar 15 17 09:05pm
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i think there has been a missunderstanding to this topic caused by translation.
the origin is a german podcast, which im hearing right now and, fun fact incoming, paused right befor that part and watched this video.

in that section they just talked loosely about gpu/cpu architectures and third party support.
and they just compared the different architectures from different console generations.

thats where he said, that nintendo "switched" from architectures nobody had experience with (gc,wii,wii u) to an architecture the programmers have at least 10 to 15 years of experience with.
and then he compared that to the programming difficulty like ps4/xbone/Smartphones. as they more or less all share the same dev kits and dev tools.

so he basically just resaid things we allready knew and has been told a lot of times.

im gonna xpost this under the youtube news video as well.

edit: a few minutes more into the podcast he says that he bought the switch just as everyone else in a store.
but, and thats a big but, they do have switch dev kits for a long time in their company. so he is very comfortable with the switch. but that mainly points to the development of the hulu switch app. which too his words is more or less done and just waits to be release aproval by nintendo.

OMG, Bring back Turrican please!!!!! Smile

I've been hoping for this day for some time, and was so sad when they went under years ago after Lair pushed them into their grave. They always did some of the finest quality visual feasts on Nintendo systems, and most of those games still hold up very well today. Considering its still nearly impossible to obtain a copy of Turrican II on SNES for under $150, I'm stoked to see that its likely a new one is on the way for Switch. Woohoo!

so about that lightsaber game... I mean VC is even a possibility

You people are forgetting the fact that a lot of their games are based on Lucasfilms which is owned by Disney now. And besides the Star War license game issue, there is no way that Disney will allow this to happen. Didn't they once say that they will not continue the game market?

I'm not trolling here so don't get the wrong idea. Its just that the only thing they have is Turrican and that's that. Which by the research is a very dormant IP...probably longer than F-Zero.

Fun fact: people from Factor 5 startet a company called Touchfactor and developed the iOS game Touchfish: http://touchfish.touchfactor.com/

Hmm... Smartphone games.

I wish they could do another Rogue Squadron game. Or something similar (eg. The Battle for Scarif).



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