NPD - Feb. 2017 top 10 software and more

- total hardware sales amounted to $204 million, down 30% from last year
- console hardware accounted for 82 percent of the total declines
- console and portable software dropped 14% to $344.2 million
- PC software fell 26% to just $25 million
- accessories fell 21% to $150.8 million
- industry sales took a 21% hit, declining from $918.7 million to $724 million
- 3DS unit sales were up 77 percent versus January 2017 driven by the 3DS New Galaxy Style model and the 3DS Limited Pikachu Yellow model

Categories: Consoles, Portables
Tags: 3ds, wii-u


Wonder where BOTW will be on the list next month?

If it's not #1 on the list but Horizon Zero Dawn is in first, you'll never hear the end of it from Colin "was right" Moriarty

Really happy For Honor and RE7 are doing well. I hope Capcom sees this and realizes RE doesn't need to be action heavy to sell well.

Next month will be interesting.

Video game industry as a whole is hurting pretty bad, lots of downs.

As a fan of video games in general, this is not good. Well its good for finding games on clearance, but trend can't continue.

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