Capcom gives interesting response when asked about Monster Hunter XX on Switch (UPDATE)

Well that's certainly an interesting way of answering the question. More of an open-ended answer than we usually hear from developers. Let's see what Capcom feels like sharing in a few months from now.

UPDATE - It seems the question/answer may have been more related to Monster Hunter in general, rather than XX specifically. Still great news either way!


Fri Mar 17 17 09:30pm
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Lmao, I have been saying this for months giving how one of the past old trailers has Higher rez in some scenes & others were lower in the game play not CGi. So expect the Switch version shown at this E3 with exclusive stuff & save data from both 3DS versions X/XX transfer option to transfer to the Switch copy so that if you want to upgrade & feel like you will start all over then don'the feel that way.

Fri Mar 17 17 09:45pm
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As we already know, MT Framework was already ported to Switch and it runs (Ultra SFII uses it for its 1st person stages) and Monster Hunter XX, and others on the 3DS for that matter, all run on MT Framework Mobile. It shouldn't be a too complicated matter to port it over to Switch, especially since the 3DS is already an ARM-based system. The bulk of the work would be to work on the upgraded graphical assets I imagine : better animation, better textures, higher polygon count models, a suitable UI for the new platform, etc.

I just can't wait to see it run on the system.

Fri Mar 17 17 10:21pm
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man, I miss home console versions of Monster Hunter so much. :-(

If they were to remake 4U on the Switch with Gen style moves I would be all over it again!

Fri Mar 17 17 11:11pm
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I'd definitely pick up a Monster Hunter on the Switch.

It's coming. We just need to wait a little longer for them to show it off.

Watch it get announced for a toaster.

Famitsu said similar. I don't care if it is XX or something else, I'd love to see MonHun on Switch.

I could really see a Monster Hunter game for Switch whether that be a port or new game announced at E3. I know I said I'm not gonna get too hyped for Nintendo's E3 (since they haven't had a good one since 2010) but can you imagine if they announced Monster Hunter, Pokemon Stars, Smash Bros. port, and Retro's new game at E3 this year? It would be incredible!


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