RUMOR - Game Freak looking to hire motion modelers for intricate human characters

It's been awhile since we've heard some speculation on Pokemon coming to the Switch. The info on this job listing seems like it would lend itself nicely to a Switch project, be it the rumored Pokemon Stars or something else. For those wondering, Joe Merrick works for Serebii, a very well-known/respected Pokemon site.

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I can't see any info in the job listing that says they need a Wii U/Vita level of intricacy, but maybe the guy, as an influential figure of Pokémon knowledge, may have reached out to Game Freak directly and obtained additional information not listed.

Mass Effect characters in Andromeda look weird and not the good kind. Pokemon company should go the route of the Gamecube Pokemon Games or the recent Playststions' Digimon titles.

Wii U and Vita level of intricacy? What does that even mean? Also, Vita and Wii U aren't on the same level by a long shot.

Sat Mar 18 17 01:56pm
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Well, 3DS is out, Wii U is out, because they're getting too old. And Gamefreak doesn't really develop for Vita... what console could they possibly develop for? Xbox One? I know how much Japan loves Microsoft... so their new game must be on Playstation 4. I mean, there's just no other explanation...

(Speaking seriously, it could also be a new Detective Pikachu game for 3DS.)

What are you on about? That's not what he or I was talking about at all.

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