Nicalis says don't pay more than MSRP for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, as first-run is still available

Some people are having trouble finding The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ at retail, but the copies are still out there. You just have to be willing to hunt them down. Resellers are offering up their copies for a good amount above retail price, and it's clear some people are biting. Just take the time to do some shopping research before biting the bullet on these higher-priced options.


Sun Mar 19 17 03:51pm
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To add to this; SHOP AROUND.

Seriously, if you are interested in this game, I noticed several deliveries were delayed a week among Gamestops. Probably because of blizzards, but no one said anything specific. Best Buy stores in Colorado seem to be the only ones carrying them right now.

Went to my local best buy and they had over 10 copies on their shelf.

Plenty of Best Buys have copies.

This is why I pre-order. I don't want to have to hunt a copy down when I could just pick it up on my way to work. To bad I'm still looking for a hard copy of I am setsuna for under $50

Is there a good source of information about which games are digital only and which ones can be found as physical copies? I can't find a definitive list or source of info anywhere online. Sounds like something that would be a good resource on this site.

While it doesn't list which are digital and which are physical, here is at least a list of all release/announced/rumored games: https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/wiki/games
If one game looks interesting to you, I suppose there's Google? A quick Google search for a specific title should quickly tell you if it is (or will be) available in digital or physical form or both

From what I can find there aren't many Carts yet. I believe besides the games released in NA the only other carted game available now are; I am Setsuna, Disgaea 5 complete, and that nubonagas ambition game. That's just for now though as Disgaea is headed stateside and a few other games are releasing overseas like the secret of mana collection and redout

I live in a small town and work in a slightly bigger one, had to go the slightly bigger town to their Walmart, and they had 2 copies .

Granted, I live in BFE in the belt buckle of the Bible belt. It's already surprising that I was able to find a switch in the first place...

Ia this a game that just grows on you? I've never previously played Binding of Isaac. I bought it yesterday digitally because I didn't care much for the extra retail stuff and it seemed more like the kinda quick game that I'd want to play without swapping out Breath of the Wild. But so far I'm kinda disappointed that I spent $40 on it. I feel like I probably should've bought a cheaper Steam version to determine if I'd like it first before plopping down 40 whole bucks for the Switch version and now I can't sell it since I bought a retail game digitally (and I never buy retail games through the eShop first, BUT THE ONE TIME I DO...I feel like selling it). :/

I kinda feel the same way but I have Best Buy gamers club so I only paid $30 for the retail version. I'm forcing myself to play it, and the more I play it the more it is kind of addicting. I'm a 'gota put it on the shelf' guy so I always search out the physical copies but yeah, I feel like this should have been a $20 title.

It is a little unique, but there is a LOT to unlock in it also. The difficulty level is quite high for those that really aren't into this style of game as well.

I got the original game on Steam as a birthday gift a long time ago, and it was probably the best way to be introduced into the series. But now, it's easily one of my favorite indie games. Weird story, grotesque creatures, gross power ups. It's such a strange mixture.

If I were you I would put a little more time into it (since you've got it now anyways), but it does throw a lot at you right away. So I can understand why it's hard to get into.

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