Fire Emblem Heroes - over 50.000 players completed early Grand Hero Battle challenge, rewards for all players

The upcoming Grand Hero Battle, which features Michalis, was released today for a limited time. This was issued as a challenge to see how many people could beat it within the 45 minute time frame. 54.666 people completed the map on Hard, while 13.415 managed to overcome it on Lunatic. For these accomplishments, all players will get some additional rewards at a later date. This includes 10 Stamina potions, 10 Orbs and 5.000 Hero Feathers!

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Hooray for feathers, the only thing in the game you don't get in droves, but need tons of.

...Man, that sucks for us who missed it. T^T

Lunatic was crazy as always. took 2 stamina potions but i did it. Also he will be back

Awesome! Which units did you use? And what types of enemies were there, do you remember?

Mon Mar 20 17 10:15am
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I remember the enemies but check the feh subreddit they have the map and possitions. I used Takumi with Vantage, Camilla, Olivia, and a red mage (Lilina)

There are a few more f2p friendly teams on yhe reddit (aka not Takumi). Someone even did it with 3* characters that are all earned.

For those interested, here's a video of the 3* battle:


omg I missed, Nino was going to pwn all lol

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