Battle Princess Madelyn has reached its Kickstarter goal, smashing stretch goals

Battle Princess Madelyn has been funded in the first five days, which means that the game is officially coming to both Wii U and Nintendo Switch. It is also smashing its stretch goals right now, so this one will be an interesting one to follow!

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So happy to see the positive response to this game! It looks amazing and I could use some more Ghouls n' Ghosts style action in my life!

I remember early on the Wii U people wanted Maximo series to return (and some speculated with reasons that were very reaching). Ever since, I have been hoping for a new Maximo game for some time. Very reasons that I am excites for Madeline getting through her goals as well.

Nice! Looking forward to it

That looks awesome! Another must buy on the Switch.

I was disappointed that they didn't bring Insanity's Blade to Wii U like it was originally stated they would. But I am still glad to support this project. I think it's awesome he named the character after his daughter.

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