Brazzers releases adult film inspired by Super Mario Bros.

Congratulations, you have saved the Princess! How can the beautiful Princess Harley ever repay the man who rescues her from the castle? By letting him...

...and that's all I can share from the description of Brazzers' Super Mario Bros. porn spoof. Since I'm not really one to directly share that kind of content on GoNintendo, I'll leave the rest to you. If you search it out and watch, it's your own fault! You're going to be left disappointed!

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*insert obligatory "Plumbers don't wear ties!" joke here*

Mon Apr 03 17 03:21pm
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"Take yer damn clothes off!"

Crazy filters intensify

Mon Apr 03 17 04:36pm
Rating: 1

I need to research this further, for purely scientific purposes ofcourse, brb..

I'm back! Well, that was indeed dissapointing. It's not porn. It's supposed to be funny. But it's not funny either.

Mon Apr 03 17 03:25pm
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Yoi have to remember that in science the answers are not always what we wanted, but we can't change facts. They don't care about our feelings, thet are just there. So for the best scientific research we should put our emotions aside and just look at the evidence and let them lead us. Well, we can keep our lust for knowledge intact. That's a good feeling.

Well done, Mort. You took one for the team.

This is their second one, actually.
Apparently had much more effort put into it than that older one.

Not that I know personally :^)

They'll keep churning them out as long as Nintendo sites wil give them the publicity and clicks :P.

I saw Jim Sterling cover their Metal Gear Solid 5 porn parody. The scenes were pretty laughably bad.

RMC did you watch it?

If it ain't Bowser on Peach I'm not interested. :P

"You're going to be left disappointed!"

I am going to assume that after stringing Mario along with tantalizing hints, at the end she just kisses him on the nose and bakes him a cake.

Not even that. THAT would have been good in comparison. This is just a woman with a crown banged by a generic man in a cheap "castle dungeon" set.

Why do people watch these porn videos with "actors" who stay in the role for 5-15 minutes and then just have sex? I don't get it...

Tue Apr 04 17 11:34am
Rating: 1

lol Brazzers is a joke, overrated AF. the worst porn site ever.

nintendo, you got the rights to the first porn movie...

...you know what to do :D

If ya'll want some good Peach porn action watch "Magical Sleepover U" it's animated but it's gotten me through some times...


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