Aonuma states that open-world Zelda will be the standard from now on

The following is a rough translation; a more official translation will be posted once it becomes available:

Famitsu: Making the next Zelda game might be more difficult if you choose to make it an open-air game. What will evolve open-air? How will you make future dungeons? What will the next Zelda title be like?

Aonuma: I think that, in the future, open air games will be the standard for Zelda.

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Tue Apr 04 17 10:24am
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They can still have actual dungeons in the next one regardless if its open world or not. Its probably the main thing they have to do if they want to improve upon BotW and not have the next game feel the same.

Tue Apr 04 17 10:00am
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Good decision. Will be hard to go back now. Played a bit of Twilight Princess last week, and I was so frustrated at these mountains I wasn’t able to climb.

Curious what is going to happen to actual dungeon-based Zelda of old going forward.

Tue Apr 04 17 10:24am
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They can still have actual dungeons in the next one regardless if its open world or not. Its probably the main thing they have to do if they want to improve upon BotW and not have the next game feel the same.

I probably should have been a bit more clear (was typing on phone, so responses were limited). I just meant the overall classic Zelda which was dungeon driven. Not saying I am going to miss them (seriously, it really just too early to tell for me), just simple musing of if it may stick around, and for what if it does.

I can see dungeons being like the ones in Pandora's Tower in that most of those had vertical progression, and could also have a day and night cycle.

In terms of items it's tricky, I know people like acquiring items the old way, I just question why they feel rewarded if it's a returning item.

Finally while I like the changes to boss health and multiple ways to defeat them I'll like to see them be as aggressive as the lynels, which felt more threatening than the bosses.

Finally they need to find new stories to tell, maybe have the next one focus on Link. And Ganon I think needs to be put to rest,



Or, at least, bring Ganondorf back! A villain who is able to speak instead of just grunting could enhance the whole experience. Especially now, since there's voice acting. Who doesn't love charismatic antagonists?

It would definitely be tricky to mix older Zelda formula with the new (honestly I feel like the classic experience may be sticking to handhelds if it does remain). Though being everywhere you want to go is tricky with items anyway, since you're essentially going to need them all at the get-go before even starting on your main quest (kind of like how BotW did it with runes).

I remember a story that circled around my college before TP was announced. Link was supposedly the son of Ganondorf and worked with Gerudo thieves in invade Hyrule castle ground where he ultimately met with the betrayal of his father.

Was an interesting idea (where Link plays a bad role) when it came about, wouldn't actually mind seeing more stealth infusion to the new formula to work with a story like that.

I love Breath of The Wild a lot, and it is certanly amazing, and I am very glad they went in the direction they did for the game.

But, I do not want the 'traditional 3D Zelda formula' to die out. I feel that, overall, they are still surperior in most ways.

Some of the reasons I prefer the older 3D Zelda titles, put very shortly



I do not have time to write another super long post, right now, but I did read what you said, and it makes sense. It is also, of course, to each his own, I of course do not try to knock on BOTW. ^^ For what it tried to be, it did a LOT of things right. Even if I'd prefer to not have it, for reasons I mentioned, I think the Climbing, Physics, Ragdoll, etc things are very important for the extremely open world they wanted to make. For the game, they fit and does wonders, and I of course had lots of fun climbing on everything and just doing wacky stuff.

And yes, Skyward Sword was TOO linear, having basically only corridors everywhere. I think, for me personally, Ocarina of Time has the perfect 'open' enviroment for a 3D Zelda. You can go a bit everywhere, do whatever you want, and you can start different quests and do a lot of stuff aside from the one main goal, but still having one specific thing you have to figure out to progress the main game.

Oh, and I am of course not trying to sound like I am against 'progress' and new stuff and such. I am all for it, but changing something is not always for the better. I feel it is about time Mario goes back to the more open playground style of 64 and Sunshine, and they are finally doing it. But I feel Zelda still has SO much untapped potentional in the traditional OoT formula. I just do not want that style to die out.

Breath of The Wild is a unique Open World game, but it still feels a lot like a Open World game, which there are many of.
I have yet to really play a game that gives me the feel of a traditional 3D Zelda style, and I am afraid we'll never get one again.

Tue Apr 04 17 11:10am
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I have seen people say the story is not good, but I feel that is because of how the story is presented and not the story itself. I have not finished the game myself, but I feel that what I have seen about the memories , what the characters have said and other side content makes it one of the best Zelda stories.

Story spoilers (except the ending since I am not there yet :P):


If the game was a linear game(and have gotten to play those moments), I bet people would be calling it one if not the best Zelda story. In a way it reminds me of how people complained about Xenoblade X's story because a lot of it was fragmented in the side content.(although the original Xenoblade story is still better).

Wed Apr 05 17 12:06pm
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Man this is like 80% how I feel about this game. I mean I also love this game but many times I'm wishing different choices that developers and designers made for this game.

Compared to SS there is a lot of things that they made it worse.

Glad there are some that agrees. ^^ I fear I sound too down on the game when I ramble like that. But yeah, BOTW is amazing, but it does not have the 'magic' that the other Zelda titles has. I know many would say they would go 'backwards' by making it like, say, Ocarina/TP/WW/etc, but I do not think those games would be backwards. They are very unique and amazingly designed, and have their own style, basically.

SS did things badly in other ways, and while I DO love the game, it was so linear and corridoor-styled that it felt.. not sure how to describe it. Lifeless?

The outworld was lifeless but the dungeons, puzzles, combat, some bosses and enemies were amazing. BOTW is the opposite and better in many ways but backwards in dungeon design, story telling, items and in some ways puzzles too.

The first 10 hours was a nightmare for me in BOTW, then step by step I starting to understand the game and enjoying it, the learning curve in BOTW is huge and is funny to remember how people were bashing SS because the first hour is boring.

I'm in two minds about this - I love the "open-air" directionless feel of BotW and the possibilities that brings for unique gameplay - on the other hand I love the arduous dungeons and focused, story-driven gameplay of other Zelda games.

But then... I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. It would be totally possible to have an "open-air" 3D Zelda overworld to explore in addition to deep, lengthy dungeons and a story that evolves and progresses linearly.

I think that's how Nintendo can improve on BotW.

Tue Apr 04 17 10:48am
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Good. I'm not sure why people assume open-world means no dungeons. BOTW just decided to have Shrines and the four divine beasts. It could have easily had 8 or so sprawling dungeons, scattered around the map and doable in any order... Which sounds great for the next Zelda game.

I mean, they already have the physics engine. I wouldn't be surprised if a small team is already starting the early work for the next Zelda game that we could see on Switch.

Tue Apr 04 17 10:49am
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Out with the old in with the new.

Tue Apr 04 17 11:09am
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He said the same about motion controls. Who knows.

And good grief, they need to stop saying "open-air". It's not a thing, as much as they want it to be.

There a motion controls in BotW.

But yeah, I suppose he meant the sword combat back then.

Yeah, this was his specific quote back then:

Asked if future Zelda games will use the MotionPlus control method, Aonuma said: "I honestly think we cannot go back to button controls now, so I think that these controls will be used in future Zelda titles, too."

Ok, people change their minds all the time. At least the feature isn't totally lost. To the dismay of people who can't stand it. I don't mind it as long as it's not constant over a long stretch of time, unlike SS.

It's their way of saying they do their own kind of open-world.
It's fine by me. I mean is open-world really a thing ? Gamedesign wise, a genre that puts in the same bag Assassin's Creed, Witcher and Breath of the Wild, it seems to me that it's absolutely not clearly defined.

Tue Apr 04 17 11:12am
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Whilst BOTW is without doubt one of the best games I've ever played, there are so many aspects of the game that still let it down.

I've literally spend the last 40 hours since entering Kakariko travelling the world, defeating all 4 beasts, and the story hasn't developed at all in all of that time. I think that with a franchise as so story driven as Zelda is, it's a massive shame that the story wasn't more central to the core of the game.

Also, every divine beast recycles the same ideas. Rotate each beast to get to a 4-5 terminals. It's boring the third time you have to do it and even worse the fourth!

And finally, there hasn't been a single memorable boss. All 4 Blight Ganons are easy to defeat. The bosses in ALL past Zelda games are puzzles in themselves, usually having to use the latest item to expose it's weak spot. This time around it's just shoot loads of arrows until he falls then whack him with your sword...

It's a good job the rest of the game is so original and enthralling.

I miss the dungeons and the items, but I'm ok with the open world focus. I would like dungeons and more bosses.

Tue Apr 04 17 11:20am
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This sort of large-scale Hyrule is something I've been yearning for since Ocarina of Time. OoT felt so claustrophobic compared to previous Zeldas, and each new Zelda seemed to introduce a smaller and smaller Hyrule to explore.

I do hope that they can incorporate a bit more of the traditional Zelda mechanics in future Zeldas without compromising that open world, though. I LOVED BotW, but they did nearly throw the baby out with the bathwater. I think they can pull it back to be a bit more of a traditional Zelda experience without losing the large Hyrule or non-linear feel. Things like proper dungeons, items, and maybe weapons that don't break every few minutes would be appreciated. Smile

One of my favourite parts of BotW, ironically, was the path to Zora's Domain with the constant rain. It reminded me of how much I like having a series of designed, progressing encounters to work through in a Zelda game. Granted I could still take some shortcuts in that area of BotW. But I liked the combination of linearity and freedom of movement.

I'd be interested to see this formula without the ability to recover stamina at any time. That's what really breaks the game wide open. A game where you can't climb forever could still feel very open, but give the devs more ability to direct the player, and have a more traditional Zelda progression.

Tue Apr 04 17 11:40am
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It would be great to have the none recovery of stamina available in the new hard mode! So that you have to be REALLY selective about how you move and think about how to use your resources.

$$$$ talks, and it shouted loudly at Nintendo.

Makes sense. They spent so long making the base for future Zeldas with BoTW that it would've been painful to go back from it [for the devs and most fans].

And with this base, making future iterations better dungeon, story etc. wise will be easier than flipping back from it to something else in the coming years. They can scale the world down [or up] to fit the game too.

I've seen a lot of comments saying how the traditional Zelda formula shouldn't disappear, and how Breath of the Wild doesn't feel like a Zelda game to them. Here's are my thoughts to some points I've heard, and how I think they could improve it.


Honestly, Breath of the Wild isn't perfect, it can be improved upon. But do I want the traditional Zelda formula back? Not really. There are some things I think they could borrow from, and if they wanted to keep the traditional Zelda formula, keep it in the 2D games in some form. That being said I think Breath of the Wild is definitely the most revolutionary Zelda game I've played since Ocarina of Time. I'm glad they want to keep it around. My wife could never really get into the old Zelda games because they were too linear and slow for her, (don't kid yourself even Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are linear in comparison to Breath of the Wild), but she loved Breath of the Wild played it from beginning to end, and she's not even really a gamer. Nintendo really created something masterful.

Tue Apr 04 17 12:35pm
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I'm ok with this as long as we get other games like Link Between Worlds, more traditional style Zelda games.

Considering how dramatically different most 3D Zeldas have been from each other, I really don't think people need to worry too much about them resting on their laurels. They'll continue to evolve Zelda even it's open world.

Considering its their first truly open world Zelda in a long time (I know Between Worlds was kinda open) the only way to go is up from here in my opinion.

It would be interesting to see how will the next zelda improve over the already excellent formula in botw. I really didn't miss the dungeons since the shrines and divine beasts can make up for it. Maybe improve the durability of weapons and shields

As others have said, Breath of the Wild is incredible and I personally am happy to hear that it's "see it you can go there" philosophy will carry on into future installments, however like others I do miss traditional themed Dungeons, I'm not bashing the Divine Beast dungeons by any means, they were a ton of fun, but maybe a blend of older style dungeons with the new mentalities could make something truly phenomenal.

I think a little linearity in games can be a great thing, I know most despise the word these days, but I think it's an important element that too many Gamers try to shy away from.

Another maybe controversial opinion, is that I'd like to see a Zelda title in which the story is actually not emphasized at all, similar to how BotW starts during the Great Plateau, it reminded me a bit of Shadow of the Colossus.

I could see them reusing BOTW map but in its more glorious days, with all the villages and people hanging around. That game could be more dungeon based with more traditionnal dungeons.

Tue Apr 04 17 02:05pm
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That is fine, but next time have more areas like Hyrule Castle/Yiga Hideout and fewer shrines, plz.

Hopefully with actual dungeons.

Great news for sure, but like most are saying, I'd really enjoy an open world Zelda that still featured full dungeons like how we see in the older games. I love BOTW, but the feeling of going room to room in a dungeon to take on enemies and solve puzzles is something I'd really like to see return.

I'm perfectly fine with that. Just hope they don't abandon the story/lore either. The flashbacks were a bit underwhelming personally.

I hope we still get an occasional 2D Zelda now and then. Don't let them die off completely now.

Yeah, that would be ideal... go big and open with the 3D games but give us the classic formula in some smaller scale 2D games. A Link Between Worlds was too good to be the last 2D Zelda experience.

Crap....You see what you people have done now? We'll never get Toon link because for open world games, characters have to be almost realistic. Heck even Mario is starting to be realistic with Super Mario Odyssey.

I knew it...I knew this would happen. They should have just sticked to linearity.

Now what's the reason to have a Metroid game if Zelda does that open ended gameplay for you?

Heck even Mario is starting to be realistic with Super Mario Odyssey
What? Mario pretty much looks the same as always

Sure, but now he has extra hair instead of the cloudy hair...

Whatever, my point still stands that Zelda fans will be more divided at this point which may not be a good thing.

One simple reason is Metroid is Metroid and Zelda is Zelda. I also have to agree with Nurio, Mario doesn't look realistic, maybe more detailed but not realistic.

Wed Apr 05 17 04:20pm
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"Now what's the reason to have a Metroid game if Zelda does that open ended gameplay for you?"

Mainline Metroid gates its progression and exploration through abilities. The player sees an area that piques their interest, finds an obstacle that blocks their access, and makes a mental note to return once they have the means to bypass said obstacle.

If anything, Zelda ditching that aspect of its own design makes the former's identity more distinctive, not less.


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