Square-Enix dev gives big tease on upcoming Switch project

The tweet above comes from Square-Enix's Takashi Tokita. The blurb included roughly translates into "Top-Secret Mission Begins!" Pairing that tweet with the image of a Switch, I'd say this is a pretty blatant tease of a project coming up.

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Hell yeah! I'm down.

Fri Apr 07 17 06:24am
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Still lowkey hoping for FFXII but regardless of what it actually is I'm glad to see any square-enix support on the Switch!!

Final Fantasy 4 was, and for many fans, still is the best game of the entire franchise. If its director is onboard the Switch, then he's probably making something worth looking forward to.

Buyer beware, though. This could turn out to be as much of a hollow cash-in as Lost Reavers* . He is, after all, someone who stayed behind with Square Enix during a time when anyone who wanted to work with Nintendo was forced out to form separate Nintendo teams like Monolith Soft, 1-Up Studio, Genius Sonority, and Mistwalker.

*Lost Reavers was another third party Nintendo exclusive title that was hyped up as a "secret online game just for Nintendo fans. The perpetrator, Tekken's developer Katsuhiro Harada took full advantage of the Nintendo consumerbase's trust in his previous work, whereupon he crapped out a half-baked experiment and squeezed money out of anyone who thought the game would get any better over time and "support" (funding).

My money is on a local multiplayer Final Fantasy game like crystal chronicles or explorers.

Probably just a spin-off game.

Fri Apr 07 17 08:09am
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Wouldn't it be great if this were a proper new AAA title. The chances of that happening are pretty slim; not impossible but slim.

Fri Apr 07 17 08:14am
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Sometimes I think these teasers mean that The World Ends...

With You.

Don't do that to me, EricXC!

I'm sitting here dreaming of KH and FF ports, and here you come and throw that beautiful wrench into my plans. Now all I can think about is TWEWY2!

FF VII Remastered CONFIRMED!!! (okay... maybe not...)

Going low expectations for this first foray - aka a really old port of some kind...

Fri Apr 07 17 04:52pm
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I'm looking forward to see what this project turns out to be. Square has a lot of great franchises to pull from.

Long shot, but fingers crossed for Kingdom Hearts 3...


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