Research firm says Switch sold 2.4 million units worldwide in March alone

The following info comes from research firm SuperData...

- sold 2.4 million Switches during its first month of release
- SuperData noted that it collaborated with market researcher Gfk and the Japanese gaming publication Famitsu for the info
- SuperData now projects that the Switch will sell 7.2 million consoles in 2017
- that's up from the original forecast of 5 million units

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All this "hype" about Switch sales should be taken with a grain of salt. It absolutely will not continue unless there are games to make it continue. Right now, Zelda sold these switches. No debate about that.

Momentum is much easier to maintain rather than rebuild.

The name of the game is the game.

I think they're on the right track right now, especially with how hard the system is to just find in the wild.

Mario Kart is usually a good console mover, which should carry momentum into May, if not all the way through to E3. Between the hopefully exciting announcements and the release of ARMS, that should take it to Splatoon 2. And then we'll have to see what happens from there (based off E3 announcements).

So long as Nintendo's advertising stay on point and public curiosity is piqued, I think the Switch will at least continue to do satisfactory.

I hope so. I don't think Mario Kart will do as much as people might think in terms of a system seller. If it was system seller, then those people bought a Wii U and likely have already bought a Switch.

I'd be interesting to see how many systems Mario Kart sells.

The newer franchises like Splatoon and Arms I'm unsure about. Personally neither appeal to me but I know Splatoon was a big hit so it does have potential to sell systems.

I'd like them to take Virtual Console serious this time around and use it smarter to fill gaps between new releases and be more frequent and generous with the amount of VC releases.
I'm also hoping for GameCube support.

Lastly, again as filler titles, tap into a few HD "remakes". A double Donkey Kong Country Returns pack, F-Zero GX (even though we deserve a new game), Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, Eternal Darkness HD (use the damn trademark for once).

Either GC VC or remake a few in HD - I don't think both would be justified.

Better to have the momentum at launch than not at all. :p Obviously Zelda alone is not enough to stay strong. That's why MK8D is this this month, ARMs is in June, and Splatoon 2 is in July. That's a AAA Nintendo game 4/5 of the first 5 months. And you can bet your bottom dollar we'll find out what's in store for the second half of the year at E3.

Fri Apr 14 17 03:46pm
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Wr all agree, and Ninty knows this. Therefor E3. Wait for it.

I agree but we've experienced this before only for the games to dry up. I'm skeptically optimistic Smile

Nintendo's console and handheld teams are now under one roof, literally and figuratively, and all making games for one console now. As for game droughts, this generation is going to be different. Nintendo has been making all the right moves behind the scenes for years now to prepare for this console generation.

What killed the wiiu were game droughts. What's going well is games being available

Mario kart and puyo in april
Disgaea, streetfighter, minecraft in may
Arms in june
Then spaltoon and fate in July.

Of course we haven't included indie libraries. Hopefully when e3 rolls around we will see big announcements.

I do agree though, If there was no zelda we would be hearing "is this the end of Nintendo?" fingers crossed for more release dates and announcements Smile

Nintendo has their main software lined up nicely to keep this momentum going. MK8 in April, Arms in June and Splatoon in July. E3 will show more.

Nintendo has their big releases spaced out well enough to prevent droughts and keep momentum going during the first half of the year. I hope E3 brings more announcements to fill the gap until the holidays.

I have to admit, even as a happy owner of a Switch, this console's runaway success kind of surprises me. Its primary gimmick doesn't seem like it would be as enticing as the Wii was back during its launch.

But I'm glad it's doing well. I wanna see more third-party support.

This is great news. Nintendo have work really hard to make something genuinely innovative - a console with a fresh broad appeal - one that treats the idea of the 'gamer' with a 'could be any age, anyone, anywhere' approach. And I think there are lots of people who feel left out of and turned of by the current idea of being a gamer.

They've got a really nice breadth to the games line up already and growing all the time. They've got the branding and the message right and it's working.

Mario Kart on Wii U didn't sell too many consoles because most people didn't even know it was a new console. Mario Kart on Switch - with its ability for multiplayer anywhere and hooking up with other Switches is a whole different ballgame in my eyes. It's probably Nintendos broadest appeal game - it will sell Switches for a long time.

Here's hoping E3 is great - but I think this has legs even if it's not as good as we all hope. I'm more concerned with them getting the online service right at the moment - that is a foundation element that has to be up to scratch.

And don't forget Mario Christmas! X

A very good start. Keep it up Nintendo.

Fri Apr 14 17 05:17pm
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I'm not trying to go all fanboy here, but it's just gonna happen, so I apologize in advance:

Switch is the perfect video game system.



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