NES Classic Edition discontinued in Italy as well

I think you all get the point by now, even if it's a not one to come to grips with. Italy joins the list of places the NES Classic Edition is being discontinued. I hope all that wanted to pick one up manage to do so this month, otherwise the device is going to be extremely hard to come by.

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It's probably discontinued worldwide.

They haven't announced it was discontinued in Antarctica yet.

True, there's still plenty available on the moon as well.

Nintendo really does seem to hate money

Kind of crazy that I think more highly of EA than Nintendo, morally-speaking.

Yes the stuff EA does to their employees and the companies they own is morally comparable to Nintendo discontinuing the NES classic.

I wouldn't go that far. I think it's discontinued because of how easily hack-able it is.

fred duck
Sat Apr 15 17 02:10pm
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Why does that matter? You can throw together a similar device using off the shelf components.

Is it that people are using NES CE in a way that's not its primary purpose? In that case, I'm glad Nintendo doesn't make tools. They'd be like, 'Oh no! People can break things with our hammers! We intended them only for pounding nails into wood! We will stop selling hammers.'

Sat Apr 15 17 02:47pm
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I suggested a story fix up here, but seeing how it hasn't been reflected yet I'll just say it here: one of the two sources (the one written in Italian) actually mentions the NES Mini's production being discontinued all over Europe, not just Italy.

I think discontinuing the NES Classic Edition was a strange business decision. They would make a lot of money keeping a steady flow of these at retail.


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