Nintendo stock up nearly 20% since Switch launch

Consumers are loving Switch, and it seems investors are feeling the love as well. Nintendo has finally done something that manages to make investors happy, with stock rising nearly 20% since the Switch launched. According to Jefferies equity analyst Atul Goyal, praise comes from the strong sales so far, an impressive slate of first party offerings, and a good showing for third parties.

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As long as Nintendo keeps the pace up and gives us great games all around I will be happy when I get my Switch.

They most likely will...assuming you're not one of those people wanting another F-Zero game....or another Metroid game for that matter....or another Kid Icarus game...LOL!

Thu Apr 20 17 01:32am
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The more it sells, the bigger the chance of getting back those titles.

While at it, Nintendo, please bring back Advance Wars, too.

Thu Apr 20 17 01:55am
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You never know... he could be one of the intelligent people out there who acknowledges that:
-Nintendo has over 100 franchises to its name and can't make more of all of them all the time...
-Nintendo doesn't have complete control over every franchise and sometimes the people they need to work with simply don't want to make new entries...
-just because it's your favorite franchise doesn't mean it sells well enough to justify more entries...
-not every franchise is destined to go on forever...

Thu Apr 20 17 03:51am
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I tell you what would be lovely on the eShop, especially as a portable game. A new Kuru Kuru Kururin!

Thu Apr 20 17 08:55am
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I refuse to give up hope on any of these franchises, dammit... some of them could even be wonderful if they were given to an external team and released on eShop as lower budget iterations. You know, I REALLY loved the WiiWare version of Excitebike by Monster Games.

Yes, it doesn't have to beat the PS4 or anything. It just has to feature some great games and keep Nintendo healthy after the Wii U disaster. So far, so good.

This means more notoriety for consumers, developers, investors and an even better future for the Switch and its owners!

Will in all good this sound like good news for everyone.

Thu Apr 20 17 04:30am
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"an impressive slate of first party offerings, and a good showing for third parties."

if by impressive means Zelda (switch ver) selling more than the switch itself, you need to stop smoking pot

It fights cancer though.


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