Japan - Switch Vs. PS4 sales: launch numbers compared

The Switch has a very long way to go when it comes to sales, but as you can see in this comparison, the system is doing quite well compared to what the PS4 did. Now the important thing is to make sure these sales keep up, or at least maintain most of the momentum.

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The switch is poised to be a very successful hybrid, though i look at it as a handheld. if it gets the heavy third person support by the Japanese devs, as expected then it will dominate japan. this will easily translate to world wide success, since its already making gains outside of america. It just takes the support to carry it.

It has the potential to be the a superior gaming device vs ps4 and xbox one. We'll see how it plays out and how Nintendo push it.

Thu Apr 20 17 02:49pm
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So Switch has sold approximately 145,000 units more in its first 7 weeks in Japan than the PS4 managed. Not too bad! Hopefully the momentum continues.

(The Switch could sell 0 consoles in weeks 8-15 and still have around a 62k advantage heading into week 16.)

Thu Apr 20 17 03:35pm
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Also PS4 launched in the holidays where as Switch was March (slowest time of the year for gaming)

The PS4 didn't launch in the holidays in Japan. It was a March release.

Thu Apr 20 17 03:49pm
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Ahhhhhh yes, right.


I was hoping someone would do that math in the comments.

I wonder when the PS4 took off in Japan?

I'd say it started around the time MGS5 launched. It build momentum from then with games like Dark Souls 3, Dragon Quest Builders/Heroes, Yakuza, and just more Japanese games in general. 2016 is probably their best year considering Persona 5 helped quite a bit too.

Thu Apr 20 17 09:36pm
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The PS4 had a HORRIBLE first year, selling a bit over 900K units including launch. Apart from GTAV in the holidays, it seriously sold horribly every week after launch period. There's a reason it took the PS4 a while to catch up to the Wii U in Japan. I do agree that the period you mentioned is when it started showing some signs of life. Problem is that the PS4 likely already had its best year in 2016 with FFXV, Yakuza 6, RE7, Persona 5, and a PS4 Slim + PS4 Pro + PSVR all releasing, barring some unannounced titles or some new IP that takes off majorly.

Yeah, it really was. I remember it selling below 10k on a weekly basis. I'm interested to see the numbers when DQ XI is out. The handheld vs console version.

3DS version will crush it (2-3M+), PS4 version should do better than most of its games apart from FFXV (500K - 1M), and Switch is a big ? until they reveal details about it, but probably less than PS4 given it's being released later.

And its still apparently supplied constrained in Japan. Since I'm sure Nintendo would have a bigger Switch stock available for MK 8 deluxe's launch, we can see just how much the Switch is doing when the game launches.

Thu Apr 20 17 05:31pm
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The Switch's launch library projection is like the PS4's in many regards... no -actual- brand new game releases from 1st party devs (or even multiplatform-y stuff) that are not remakes/collections/remasters/sequels for at least great part of its 1st year of lifespan!

(and while some may counter me with 'Knack at launch', I'm adding '1-2 Switch at launch' to the pile as well. Hope you saved some blue mana for a Dispel :D)

I tap two islands and cast "ARMS".

Fri Apr 21 17 02:30am
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*mumble mumble*
*goes to upkeep*

Wow these are great numbers! Long may it continue! Very Happy

The system is fine in Japan and America but as per usual a Nintendo system isn't doing quite as well in Europe. This is something Nintendo needs to work harder to address.

A very big takeaway here, is that every one of those weeks for the Switch, it sold out. Meaning that it would have sold more if there was more stock available. The PS4 on the other hand didn't sell out in any of those weeks.

Thu Apr 20 17 09:39pm
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Honestly Kotaku is doing a pretty bad comparison. What they really should be comparing to the Switch is the 3DS, the only console truly successful in Japan this past generation. The PS4 had a horrible launch (900K first year including launch period) but eventually somewhat recovered to PS3 levels after having full support from Western and most Japanese companies (yay...).

If the Switch was doing worse than the PS4 in Japan, traditional Japanese gaming was in pretty dire straits. Thankfully it's not, and the Switch is actually starting to look favorably even compared to the 3DS.

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