Fri Apr 21 17 02:17am
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Okay this looks more and more like a game I could purchase.

Well done Konami.
Ooh, feels weird. Haven't said that in ages.

I have not played much Konami games, tbh. Castlevania aside. But it IS nice to see them starting to use more than just Metal Gear over and over. Let's hope the'll keep giving people reason to not say duckonami anymore. ^^

They've been following the same trend as Capcom and Square Enix, completely burying their old licences in the name of globalization and because of super high dev costs and the death of risk taking.

Indeed. It is such a shame, too. So many icons and unique franchises and gameplay are being lost because so rarely do people experiment anymore. It is all about the few franchises that can sell millions upon millions. Dec cost is just too high.

The 'them graphix' crowd are ruining gaming. :s

I don't know that Square or Capcom bury theirs any more than Nintendo does. Square focuses heavily on Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest & stuff they got from buying other companies. Many of them are still their old properties though. The popular ones anyway.

Capcom focuses on Monster Hunter, Street Fighter updates & ports, which they are known for, and still do RE, Ace Attorney and Dead Rising. Mega Man is the main drop off.

Konami, on the other hand, flat out makes nothing. They outsourced most things, ALL of their games are pachinko/mobile, Hudson brands were killed, Silent Hill/Castlevania are gone, etc. Until this, I struggled to call them a game dev anymore with MGS being more Kojima than them.

Fri Apr 21 17 05:12pm
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My understanding is that Konami actually does pretty well on mobile and thus is making more money than they ever did before. Their dedicated game space has shrunk to basically nothing though like you said, so Bomberman + Metal Gear Survive are some of the few traditional projects they even have left.

Fri Apr 21 17 03:10am
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hey konami, you're still an ineptly-run joke of a company that does the artistic equivalent of putting your franchises through the Saw movies, and you treat your employees terribly, and we wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't rushed the game out to market without proper polish or if you hadn't bought hudson just to kill it in the first place


Thanks for the patch.

Honestly was not expecting this, but wow this will make the game a lot more enjoyable for me. I can't say how many times I would be playing the game and thinking "this would be a lot better at 60fps".

Now I'm just waiting for that Breath of the Wild 60fps patch :P

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