Target's Mario Kart makeover - entrance footage

I have three Target locations in the area. One of them better have this stuff set up. I need to go experience it for myself!


Only seems like the biggest of the big Target stores are getting those. I work at a medium size/high flow store and we won't be seeing those

Cool, I think my Target at the mall might have this. I'll have to check if the local one has it. They seem to be into decorating their stores lately; having turned their spheres to giant Pokéballs last year.

Marketing genius really. I love that! (will be hell for the employees though...)

Sat Apr 22 17 10:53am
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Ohhhh yep. I feel bad for any front-end workers at these stores.

This is gonna drive some people insane. No pun intended. :P

Mine had the sound to start the race but I didn't see the decals for the raceline or on the carts. I recognized Mario though so I knew what it was referring to. Too bad it wasn't all up. It would've made it more fun.

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