Man says Dragon Quest X may have lead to his divorce

This is Kaccho, and he loves the Dragon Quest series. He has all sorts of trinkets and merch related to Dragon Quest, and obviously has all the games as well. He's been pouring tons and tons of time into Dragon Quest X. So much so, that Kaccho believes it lead to his divorce. He simply started shirking his duties as a husband/father and played. Now that he's divorced, he's lost touch completely with his ex-wife and daughter. He hopes to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, but hasn't been able to have any contact at all.

Video games are great and all, but please don't pour so much time into them that you ignore your loved ones. Nothing is worth that loss.


Good thing Switch is portable, so when Dragon Quest X comes out eventually, he can bring his digital life with him while he begs for time with his daughter!

This is really more of an issue with MMO addicts. As someone that is addicted to WoW, I can confirm that the time occupied would kill a relationship with anyone that isn't also playing. But I suppose the world of MMOs is still new territory to most DQX players.

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